Police Target Parking Lot Cheats

parking lot Police Target Parking Lot Cheats You might want to think twice about cutting through parking lots to avoid sitting at stop lights.  Frisco Police Sergeant Adam Henderson tells KRLD they’re cracking down, because weaving through parking lots is extremely dangerous.  Officers wrote more than 2 dozen tickets to drivers in just an hour and-a-half.  Sgt. Henderson says it’s an issue everywhere, but it’s a growing problem in Frisco because of the number of new businesses along busy roads

  • Fred

    How can you get a ticket on a private property parking lot?

    • Betty

      They don’t want to issue tickets regarding vehicle accidents so why would this be legal? Back to square one …

  • oldman68

    Anything to make some more cash for the city coffers.It is ALWAYS about safety-BS

  • dennis

    good i’m glad

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