Videos: Top 10 Greatest Football Catches of All Time

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The Top 10 Greatest Football Catches of All Time and honorable mention catches from Drew Pearson, Butch Johnson and Roy Williams…

#10. Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings

Arguably the most famous Randy Moss catch, this one comes against the Cowboys (ouch), courtesy of a cannon on the right side of Daunte Culpepper, and amazing body control and awareness from Moss.

The replay was shown over and over and over again but it is clear Moss got both feet in bounds, and the touchdown, like Moss, stuck.

#9. Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers

Like others on this countdown, this play appeared to be over before an eruption of action brought everyone back to life. This ball was down, the pass was incomplete, everyone was moving on….except Troy Polamalu.

The defensive specialist snared this one off the snow, then got to his feet and made some serious moves. Had he not slipped on the snow, Polamalu probably wouldn’t have make it a pick-six.

#8. Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh Steelers

While ailing from a concussion he suffered the week before, Swann made a catch against the Cowboys (ouch) that has become NFL legend.

Swann stole the show in Super Bowl X, collecting four receptions for 161 yards, setting a Super Bowl record.

#7. David Tyree, New York Giants

In what is becoming known as “The Drive,” the New York Giants fueled a remarkable comeback in Super Bowl XLII, highlighted by a tremendous scramble, throw and catch.

With just over a minute left in the game, and the Giants trailing 14-10 to the undefeated New England Patriots, Eli Manning escapes a sure sack, fires it downfield, and Tyree fights off defenders while holding on to the ball over his head and crashing into the ground.

The catch would set up a Super Bowl-winning score for the Giants, and the game became an instant classic.

#6. Tyrone Prothro, Alabama

Most of these catches have made the list because they were done with one hand, falling out of bounds, or scoring a touchdown with two feet inside the line.

This catch, however, breaks all the rules. Tyrone Prothro makes a stunning play by pinning the ball against the back of the defender while holding on as they both tumble.

As the title of the video suggests, many regard this catch as the best catch they’ve ever seen, but this list begs to differ…

#5. Keenan McCardell, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

McCardell would score one of the toughest catches of his career with this catch against the Carolina Panthers, located at :18 in the Best Damn video.

Keenan lays out to pull in the pass one-handed while avoiding two colliding Panthers defenders and scoring the touchdown.

#4. Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger would make a perfect pass to the back of the end zone, finding receiver Santonio Holmes for what would be the game-winning touchdown of Super Bowl XLIII.

Holmes’ tremendous awareness and body control would be the subject of countless replays and reviews before being upheld with just 35 seconds on the clock. The Steelers would claim the Super Bowl victory.

#3. Antonio Freeman, Green Bay Packers

This infamous catch from Green Bay Packers wide receiver Antonio Freeman would go down as one of the best catches ever, stunning the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football.

The local play-by play guys make the call as Freeman realizes the ball never touched the ground, and takes it for a touchdown before the Vikings really knew what was going on.

#2. Edwin Baptiste, Morgan State

Few knew the name of Edwin Baptiste until ESPN aired a video of an unbelievable catch made by a Morgan State receiver. Instantly, the video was scrutinized for authenticity before viewers realized the catch was just simply amazing.

Scrambling in the end zone, Morgan State’s QB unloads, and Baptiste would turn just in time to leap backwards, parallel with the ground, to make a one-handed catch without the assistance of his body or other arm.

#1. Chris Moore, Western Washington University

This catch was made in 1993, and still stands as, debatably, the best catch ever caught on camera.

Chris Moore of WWU would go on to win the award for Best Catch at the inagural ESPY Awards. Watch as Moore used every part of his body to keep the ball off the ground before securing it as the sideline approaches.

Honorable Mention:

Drew Pearson, Dallas Cowboys

Roger Staubach‘s legacy would have been large enough without this pass to Drew Pearson, but this play is part of what makes him a legend.

Trailing with under a minute left in the 1975 NFC Championship against the Minnesota Vikings, Roger Staubach heaved a long pass down the sidelines, connecting with Pearson as he fought off a Vikings defender.

The term “Hail Mary” was born as Staubach coined the phrase in a post-game interview, saying he “threw up a prayer.”

Butch Johnson, Dallas Cowboys

In Super Bowl XII, the Cowboys faced a tough foe, the Denver Broncos. Led by Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach, Dallas dominated on offense. Johnson made this diving catch on his fingertips in the endzone, a 45-yard pass from Staubach.

Roy Williams, Detroit Lions

The only catch that could top Holt’s juggling act is another juggling act from then-Detroit Lions receiver Roy Williams. Around two Chicago Bears defensive backs, Williams leaps, then knocks the ball back in the air to complete the catch.