Transgender Teen Runs For Homecoming Queen

homecoming tmb0000 20101006215201 320 240 Transgender Teen Runs For Homecoming Queen Students at North Dallas High School have been conducting their vote for homecoming royalty, but this year the choices may not be clear-cut. A transgender senior named Andy wants to be homecoming queen, but the principal says no, because Andy is, biologically, a male. While Andy represents herself as a girl, North Dallas principal Dinnah Escanilla has said she does not want a male reigning as homecoming queen.

The school district supports the principal saying these things are handled at the campus level and the district does not have an overarching policy on these questions. The results of the homecoming election are due to be released on Monday.

  • Matt

    I guess it should be up to the students. Or does Dinnah Escanilla choose the winners every year? Is there a policy that states Andy can’t run? What about black or short students? Can they run??

    The Principals opinion is just that.

    • Daddy Moreno

      The principal does not just give opinions. She makes some rules. In this case, her ruling only males can run for kings and females for queens is the policy.

  • ann

    This comes up every Homecoming and every Prom. Some guy wants to be queen. Maybe the answer is to do away with King and Queens and just call it most popular two kids at school

  • LiquorInFrontPokerInRear

    Just cause he wants to act female dosen’t mean he can change policy.
    I’m sure there are real girls wanting to be Queen and don’t need this when as a joke he would win cause noadays most kids arn’t into prom.

    • Andy Moreno

      There is NO policy that says i cant run. The girls that i am running against are ALL really good friends of mine.

      • Daddy Moreno

        Did you have a sex change already, Mr. Andy? What is the gender you check in your enrollment card? Male or female?

      • Daddy Moreno

        The principals decision is the policy, Andy. Live it like that. Policy or rules can be verbal or written. She is the principal. You are the student. You follow the principal’s policy and not the other way around.

  • ndSenior class

    The seniors class have voted this weekend. homecoming queen and king are both straight boy and girl. That speaks volumes on what students want. The principal is right in all angles in this case.

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