Dallas Stars Hockey Player arrested

ribeiromugshot Dallas Stars Hockey Player arrested

They’re only 2 games into the regular season, and already some off-the-ice problems for the Dallas Stars.

Mike Ribeiro was with three friends at the Ra Sushi Bar on Lone Star Drive in Plano late last night when he was arrested for disorderly conduct. 

Ribiero and his friends were hauled off to the Plano jail just before midnight, and made bond just before 5 this morning.

Read the arrest report from the Plano Police Department

Source: Plano Police Department


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  1. Robert says:

    Probably some jealous washed up has been “affliction” shirt wearing former high school football player recognized Ribs at the restaurant and went over to get Ribs to sign something and show his group of friends “hey I talked to Mike Riberio” and Ribs wouldn’t sign his napkin cause he is just out having a good time with his wife and some other couple friends , so Ribs friend politely told the guy to give them some privacy and Affliction guy got his feelings hurt cause Ribs wouldn’t invite him to join his party so he told Ribs friend to shove it and called Ribs overrated so Ribs friend told the guy to take a hike and for the rest of the evening Affliction guy kept pestering Ribs group of friends til his friend snapped and shoved affliction guy. Cop intervenes too late cause…well sometimes cops intervene too late, and boom…All of them go to jail. Just my take but maybe its just the beer talking! It could of been a “Tapout” shirt but I couldn’t tell.

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