Dallas Cowboys' 2009 Draft Class = The Really Dirty Dozen

cowboys war room thumb 400x235 Dallas Cowboys' 2009 Draft Class = The Really Dirty Dozen

At the time – April 30, 2009 – I called the Dallas Cowboys’ draft class of 2009 a “dirty dozen.” And, no, it was a compliment.

Fast-forward to today and, unfortunately, it’s uglier than ever.

Making room on the roster for a tight end in light of another injury to another tight end (Martellus Bennett’s ankle might keep him out of Sunday’s game at Minnesota), the Cowboys yesterday released ’09 5th-round choice Michael Hamlin. His career production in Dallas boasts one tackle.

He is not alone.

Of the 12 players selected in ’09 four have already been released and there’s nothing to suggest any of the dozen are on the brink of being productive players, much less starters.

Read Richie’s full Sportatorium blog at DallasObserver.com.

  • jeff

    just remember people,jerry is a football genius.it all starts and ends with him.good luck cowturds fans waiting on another super bowl.not with jerry calling all the shots.where’s quincey carter when you need him,or how about chuch?

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