rangers Fans Out Early For World Series TicketsHundreds of fans bundled up in the cool, pre-dawn darkness outside Rangers Ballpark in Arlington this morning, waiting for World Series tickets to go on sale Sunday. First, though, the Rangers need to beat the Yankees in the American League Championship Series which begins tonight. Game 1 is already sold out, although ticket brokers can still get you a seat, but for a premium price. Some sellers are pricing upper-deck tickets for as much as $100, quite a mark-up from the $60 face value. First row seats behind the Yankees dugout might set you back as much as a $1000 each. Arlington police are putting out a friendly warning to anyone tempted to buy or sell tickets outside the stadium. There is a city-wide ordinance banning the unauthorized sale of tickets above face value. The police department plans to be out to enforce the ban and a police spokeswoman cautions that plain-clothes officers will roam the area looking for scalpers.