cash1 Funny Money Being PrintedFour people are arrested this morning in a counterfeit money operation in Tarrant and Johnson Counties.  

Deputies moved in on  a home in Burleson and found forged 10 and 20 dollar bills and a copy machine being used to make them.  The U.S. Secret Service is also involved in the investigation.

Johnson County Sheriffs Office news release:

Sheriff Bob Alford reports that in the early morning hours October 15, 2010, members of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office  served a search warrant in the 900 block of Shaded Lane Burleson Texas. The search warrant was based on evidence collected by Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division after arresting two suspects for passing forged $10 and $20 bills in Tarrant County. Evidence indicated that the actual forgery process was occurring in Johnson County. The United States Secret Service was notified and is continuing their investigation.
After serving the search warrant, members of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division were able to secure an undisclosed amount of counterfeit $10 and $20 bills waiting to be processed and a copy machine that was being used to produce the forged documents. The serial numbers of the bills located during the search warrant match those of bills being passed in both Tarrant and Johnson counties.
A total of four suspects have been taken into custody, two in the custody of Tarrant County after their arrest there on charges of passing forged documents, and two in the custody of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.  Formal charges and arraignment are pending for those in Johnson County and the names and charges and charges of the suspects will not be released until after their arraignment.