Yankees Talking Trash?

armen sousin Yankees Talking Trash?

Ranger fans are gung-hoe about their team heading into the ALC Friday night, but a lot of the Antler loving people have no idea what the Yankees fans are saying up in New York.

For his entire life, Armen has had to hear the trash talk from his family in the Northeast. Listen in as Armen and Newy go through his voicemails and get a big dose of the inappropriate and over gloating Yankees fan.


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  1. Anthony Hopkins says:

    I want to inform you that the first team to win the very first game of this series; is more than likely to win the series. However, since the Yankees are good when it comes to the postseason, the Rangers have the homefield advantage in this series. The trash talk is just hype!!!! When it comes to the series between the Phillies and the Giants, the series will be decided in a pitching dual between the teams best bullpen and team batting. This series will go 7 games. It varies according to which team win the first game. Both ALCS and NLCS will be very entertaining games.

  2. Ryan says:

    These guys look like Douchebags

  3. YANK says:

    hey ryan you’re a douchebag 🙂

  4. texasux says:

    Hey Ryan- you’re a douchbag 🙂

  5. Robert Joyce says:

    Armen, How Funny. Great job. Sorry My Son’s and your Cousins showed their true pinstrips. Where did you get the picture? It has to be 3-4 yrs. old. Uncle Bobby.. By the way who won last night!!!!

  6. Anthony Hopkins says:

    I see that the Yankees barely won the game. However, I really think that the series will go 7 games. Its that the Rangers will have to play a lot harder and maintain their lead all the way until the end of the game. I am surprised that the Yankees won 6 to 5. The game was very close. The Yankees pitcher did a spectacular job of striking out batters and I am hoping that the Rangers can win game 2.

  7. RichJ says:

    A close game isn’t a fair assessment. Coming back from a 5- deficit its impressive. They did it by manufacturing runs – smart and aggressive base running and smart at-bats. It felt like as soon as they had momentum, the fans and the players fell apart. There were at least 2 flubs in the outfield during their rally which shows how flustered the Rangers became. Additionally, the rally could have ended if Young didn’t pull that Oley! move at 3rd base. You’re a millionaire baseball player Mike, stop the ball with your body! Demoralizing loss to a good baseball team. If you let up, you’re not going to hold a lead against the Yankees. Its garbage like this that has kept us from winning anything big.

  8. George says:

    If the Ranger’s win the series, call these guys up and interview them on live radio…. Get out your dump button and crying towels for them.

  9. Anthony Hopkins says:

    The Yankees might have taken the first game of this illustrious baseball series, but I think the Rangers still have a chance to get back into the swing of things. However, the Giants and Phillies will become a classic series. The very first team that win the first game of this series is more than likely to win this series. Although the first 2 games are in Philly, but the Giants are a very good road playing team. Phillies look out now!!!!!

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