SYBIL'S STUFF: Rangers Fans in the Big Apple

 sybil ny SYBIL'S STUFF: Rangers Fans in the Big Apple

My two best friends & I went on a girls’ trip to NYC. Just so happened, the Rangers were playing Game 1 of the ALCS against the Yanks while we were there. Ever wondered what it’s like in a Hell’s Kitchen sports bar when the Yankees win? Step inside.

  • jessie in bridgeport

    i never tought i would say this but syble is the least attractive girl in this picture.. wow the blond in the middle rules……

  • mario

    I agree, she’s never been all that, a solid 6.5.

  • sybil1053

    So true, Mario. So true.

    • mario

      No hard feelings, I still love ya Syb….we went out a few times back when you first started working at the original 1053 talk that rocks days.

  • Cam Mohon

    All these girls are lookers, but Court Court has always had a special place in my heart. Come back to me baby, let’s share a 40oz…..

  • jewboi

    You dudes are freakin’ cwazy! Sybil is a million times hotter than those 2 blonde bimbo’s.

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