Mom: Brain Mapping Shows ADHD Treatment Working

HIGHLAND VILLAGE (CBSDFW.COM) – Nick Van Den Handel, 13, remembers how he felt taking medication for ADHD, and how much better he feels now.

“It feels awesome because I’m not actually controlled by anything else,” Nick said.

“When I had those medications on me I basically did not know who I was some of the time,” his older brother Casey Van Den Handel agreed.

Like millions of other school aged children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD, Nick and Casey followed the most common protocol available: drugs.  At the time mom, Kelly Van Den Handel, says she didn’t know there were any options.  Side effects of the drugs meant sleepless nights for the boys and lack of appetites.  Though their behavior improved, Kelly wanted a change.

Last May, it came in the form of an odd looking cap filled with holes into which therapist Rusty Lozano injects gel.

Q.E.E.G. stands for quantitative electroencephalography.  It’s a technology that’s been around since the 70’s that is now commonly called brain mapping.

As Nick sits back and relaxes, each gel filled hole transmits information to a computer screen, and shows brain waves in real time. The pattern is what Lozano says holds the key for treatment.

“The brain mapping is measuring all of the activity in the brain from 19 different sites and we can determine what areas are operating too fast, too slow, and we can target the areas that need work,” explains Lozano who says the fast areas which show up as red on the maps, can be linked to attention and behavioral issues.

Kelly had both boys mapped.  A doctor interpreted the results and provided Lozano a specific treatment plan of Neurotherapy.

What looks like a computer game is actually a tool to retrain nick’s brain.  After five months of Neurotherapy and the boys no longer on any medication, Kelly VanDenHandel says the differences are clear.

“I’ve had no phone calls from teachers saying your kids are too disruptive in class, they’re driving me crazy in class.  I haven’t gotten anything like that,” Kelly said but for her solid proof came in the form of a re-map which showed less red on his scan.

But not everyone agrees that brain scans can show proof of progress.  Clinical psychologist Dr. Ray Levy says although Neurotherapy is a tool that works for some children with ADHD, he cautions against using brain map images as proof of success.  We showed Dr. Levy nick’s before and after images.

“Looking at these pictures alone does not tell me that the ADHD has improved,” Dr. Levy said.  “It tells me that there have been shifts in the brain.”

Kelly VanDenHandel says the remap confirmed for her that the Neurotherapy is working, but her real proof is her children’s behavior.

“It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made,” she concluded.

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One Comment

  1. randerson says:

    interesting read

  2. Brandy Wilshire says:

    We Go to RUSTY LOZANO!!! Wow! We have also had wonderful results.

    1. dori woods says:

      where is rusty located and how can i go about getting my son tested?

      1. Meghan McKinney says:

        Rusty’s web site is It’s very informative!


  3. Meghan McKinney says:

    I’ve read about this. I’m so glad they aired a story like this. People have to know.


  4. kerberco says:

    Dr Levy’s response is no different than many other physicians who believe without a double blind study the proof is not conclusive. Unfortunately, its physicians like Dr. Levy that prevent progress and healing. Physicians with similar attitudes exist in the arena of Autism and Lyme’s Disease. With God’s help, my family found physicians willing to step outside the ‘group mandated thinking’ and risk their careers to save my son and wife. I agree that not all treatments work on all children or adults. As well as, cause and effect is not necessarily the same from one person to the next (both treatment and how the disease or diagnosis was acquired). What I do know, just like the Van Den Heel family, if symptoms disappears or the original diagnosis is no longer possible following a a specific action(s), it’s not a mystery. It’s God, his Angels and the few but bold doctors and other related practitioners that stand up to the archaic ‘thinking’ medical community. Kudos to the Van Den Heel family and Rusty Lozano and others like them. This is a remarkable story that should be shared with every family facing ADHD even with the knowledge that the option may not be for every child or have similar results. At a minimum, the sharing of this story (and I’m confident hundreds more exist) provides HOPE and proof that prescription medicine is not always the answer as medicine often addresses the symptom and neglects the root cause. Physicians know the phrase Primum non nocere (a Latin phrase) that means “First, do no harm”. Where’s the harm in the procedure conducted by Rusty Lozano? Yet, there is proven harm from the ADHD medications.

  5. Lauren micheals says:

    OMG! Stories like this make me want to cry. We met Rusty and he worked with our daughter, Libby on anxiety. He is extremely brilliant! You know he tells people he is passionate about his work because he was one of those kids! Bless him a million times over…Forward Rusty!!! Forward!!!

    Lauren Micheals (mommy of 5)

  6. Daffney Taylor says:

    YAY! Somebody finally did it! This is approach is so very effective! Im so glad they did this!! How can I get a hold of Rusty Lozano?

  7. Sharon Lauterbach says:

    Is the brain mapping treatment an option for adults with ADHD?

  8. Kelly Van Den Handel says:

    Contact Rusty Lozano at Center for Biofeedback & Behavior Therapy (469) 358-1309. His website is I believe the brain mapping is an option for ANYONE with ADD/ADHD.

  9. Susan Rinker says:

    I read Rusty’s bio. He worked for Dr. Phil?? I am considering doing this for my son, he is 11. Foes anyone know where his office is?

  10. Barbara says:

    Neurotherapy has been a HUGE help for my daugher – the brain mapping made you think they had been in her back pocket, it was so accurate in recording her reading difficulties and tendencies….If Mr. Lozano is overbooked now, she did the neurotherapy at The Brain Institute in Colleyville…They are great there as well….it is definitely worth a try. You will be so glad you pursued it!

  11. Melanie townsend says:

    Our son, Marcus, was having trouble in Math. He was forgetting very recent lessons and couldn’t apply his knowledge to the content. As a mother, my heart sank and I felt powerless when we were told we should consider medication. We didn’t know where to turn. My bible study friend told me about Rusty and strongly suggested him. We researched around and kept running accross Rusty! I took it as a sign. He was one of the only people who specialized in small children. To sum up our experience, Rusty changed our son’s life. I’m so proud of you Rusty!! We miss you!!

  12. Pam Hatcher says:

    Our 23 yr old son has been treated this way at The Sams Center in Plano. Besides his ADD and autistic spectrum issues, he had a traumatic brain injury about 5 yrs ago. After only 6 treatments we started tosee positive changes, and now at about the halfway point we are truly excited about his future for the first time ever. Dr. Sams’ site is great — BTW there is supposed to be a story on this on NPR’s Morning Edition program tomorrow 11.1.10

  13. Tracy Hillshire says:

    This was on NPR radion today. Rusty Lozano works with our son at the Shelton School in Dallas. He is phenomenal! Andrew hasn’t been on his medication since July! Rusty and Dr. Joel Lubar are a fantastic team! To any parent out there who is considering this- Rusty is the center of the universe :). Hurry up and finish your Ph.D Rusty! You are a shining star !!!!

  14. bill says:

    I called this place today. He answers his own phone, bonus !! Seems like a very intelligent guy. Anyone had any experience with his office?

  15. Andrea says:

    Hello my name is Andrea and my friend is having a very hard time with her child and is interested in learining more about the brain mapping and I was wondering who do I contact or how do I contact them. If you would let me know I would be very greatfull.

  16. Gregory Tafford says:

    I would go with with this gentleman featured in this news story Andrea. We called him a few days ago, friendly fella. Will spend all the time in the world explaining this stuff to you. Seems like he loves it! Thats what sold us. A person crazy about their job. Anyway that’s where we are going for my son Jess. Here is his number. Center for biofeedback 469-358-1309.

  17. Ruth holler says:

    I have a question. I have a 9 year old who’s been on meds since he was two. Meds don’t seem to work. He gets angry very easily and his schoolwork is worsening as he is getting frustrated with school. I have been trying to help him as other yell at him and say why aren’t you normal. The school doesn’t seem to understand dr’s want more drugs or serious councloring with more meds. I want him to get brainmapping done but I am a single mom only making 600 a month. How can I get this for my son. He is already one grade behind. Help..

  18. Barbara Sample says:

    Do you have insurance? I was told that the brainmapping itself is usually covered because it is a diagnostic tool. Ours covered it, but not the neurofeedback…..if you do, I’d get the test done and see what it shows, then go from there….keep us posted or email me directly.

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