Politician Vs. Pastor In 30th Congressional District

By Steve Pickett, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s the politician versus the pastor for a congressional district that dominates southern Dallas.

Eddie Bernice Johnson and Stephen Broden aren’t doing much talking to the media leading up to the vote. Despite their lack of comment, some voters have plenty to say.

From downtown Dallas, to the southern suburbs of Dallas County, more than half a million people live in Texas’ 30th congressional district. Eighty percent of those residents are African American or Hispanic.

The current representative for the district is democrat Eddie Bernice Johnson. Her republican opponent is Tea Party conservative Stephen Broden.

stephen broden Politician Vs. Pastor In 30th Congressional District

Stephen Broden speaking at an event.

Despite a campaign littered with the inappropriate allotment of scholarship money to her own family members by Johnson and inflammatory statements, such as endorsing violence against the government, from Broden, the controversies appear to cast little concern from voters in the district.

“I think in most situations, if you dug deep enough with most politicians, you’re going to find something,” said Oak Cliff resident Billy Wade.

Wade is supporting Congresswoman Johnson.

Clyde Swann, 63, lives in south Dallas. “If I had an option, it would’ve been someone other than Ms. Johnson. But this other fellow you speak of, I’m not aware of him,” he said.

Dallas journalist and radio talk show host Cheryl Smith stays tapped into the beat of southern Dallas County life. “You hear a little bit about Congresswoman Johnson, but folks are saying ‘look at her record of 17 years in Washington, and over 20 years prior to that in Austin’,” explained Smith.

Broden’s political base is apparently outside the congressional district he wants to represent. There aren’t many Tea Party supporters in the 30th district. As for Johnson, her base may not be very motivated for mid-term elections.

Carrie Aguilar lives in downtown Dallas and says, “I really haven’t paid much attention to anything going on now.” She, like so many others, may live in the 30th district but spends little time watching the campaign or the two people at the center of it.

October 29 is the final day to vote early. The polls close at 7 p.m. The election is November 2.


One Comment

  1. kennedy says:

    Broden may be in trouble with the IRS as well…There is such a thing as seperation of Church and State in the Constitution!

    Check out the ink below to see what this is about!

    1. donna says:

      He talks so much about the constitution but he doesn’t know the first thing about separation of church and state. Well I hope the IRS gives preacher “Broden” a lesson!

  2. donna says:

    It is not just about the whole violent overthrow of the government thing that is troubling, it is Broden’s EXTREME views on women, gays, etc.

    Broden and his Taliban style of Republicanism is much better suited to a third world country where they appreciate his brand of extremism.

    As for EBJ, she has delivered for the 30th and for Dallas for 18 years, working day in and out across party lines whether in the minority of the majority.

    Like her or not, her calm, steady, rational voice, and her leadership on any number of issues is what has won her the respect of voters in Texas 30!

  3. kennedy says:

    Thru all of these attacks Congresswoman has conducted herself with grace and dignity and has even refused to attack her opponent. The Broden man on the other hand has been cruel and has lied at every turn. I have not heard say anything about what he wants to do for the district, he can only attack Congresswoman. Why even today after the Dallas Morning News has taken away their endorsement his people handed me a flyer claiming that they endorsed him. Another Broden lie!

  4. Donna says:

    I know Broden needs a good ass whipping and I have a feeling that Congresswoman Johnson is going to give it to him on Tuesday!

  5. lyndon says:

    When I saw the interview and then read that article in the Observer I knew this man was nuts! I am shocked the the Dallas Morning News would ever consider her a viable candidate for public office, apparently they did not even do the least amount of research.

  6. lyndon says:

    The Dallas South News site reports that Broden’s campaign manager is suing him for non payment of salary, a preacher who swindles people. I am praying for Johnson to win.

  7. Shawn says:

    @ Kennedy and Donna;

    Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state? Can you tell me which article and section it is in?

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