Brigitte Cummings for 1080 KRLD

From the Lady of the Lake to a white-haired butler, North Texas has its share of haunted places. The Neighborsgo section of the Dallas Morning News compiled several hauntings worth checking out. They include:

— Gingerbread House in Cedar Hill, a two-story Victorian structure built in 1882 at Houston and Broad streets. Sightings include a white-haired butler in a white tuxedo and a young girl sitting on the stairs, crying.

— White Rock Lake in East Dallas. The Lady of the Lake reportedly asks drivers for a ride home to a house on Gaston Avenue and then disappears, leaving water on the seat of the car. She also is said to visit homes around the lake.

— Uptown Dallas. Haunted areas include the Greenwood Cemetery along Hall Street and Oak Grove Avenue, the bar at The Stoneleigh hotel and the Hotel Adolphus on Commerce Street.

— The Old Alton Bridge, also known as Goatman’s Bridge, in Denton County. The bridge spans Hickory Creek in Copper Canyon and earned its nickname through a tale that a goat herder and his herd were driven off the bridge by drunken cowboys and died.

— Farmers Branch Historical Park. Experiences have ranged from hearing voices to odd feelings to finding the lights turned on.

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