Perry Pleased With Polls Heading Into Weekend

AUSTIN (CBSDFW.COM) – A couple of last minute polls have put Governor Rick Perry in the driver’s seat for a big win next Tuesday.



The latest Public Policy Polling survey has Perry with a 53 to 44 percent lead over challenger Bill White.

KRLD Austin Bureau Chief Robert Wood’s Report

Pollster Tom Jenson says for White to win he needs more than the 11 percent of Republicans that are crossing over to support him.  “For a Democrat to win in Texas at this point you’re going to have to get closer to 20 percent of the Republican vote and White just didn’t do it.”

Eleven percent of Democrats plan to cross over and vote for Perry according to Jenson.  A poll by some of the state’s major newspapers also show Perry with a comfortable 49 to 37 percent lead over White.

  • Chiana

    That’s Texas for you, voting in liars, theives and thugs any chance they get because they have the word Republican next to their name. Perry is as crooked as it gets and now he’s just going to get worse. Why would I expect anything more from this state. WHAT ABOUT OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM PEOPLE????

    • Ken

      You are right. I am a life long republican and I hated voting for him but I cannot vote for anyone who associates themselves with this current democratic leadership. Obama, his policies, and anyone who aligns themselves with him must go!

    • mskat

      you are so right Perry needs to go and I don’t really care who gets his seat. Why should we have to contintue to pay his darn Rent. Others are losing their homes yet we pay for him a place to stay. This no man he is not taking care of his family we are. Let’s put stop to this for them all. Take care of your own Rent bill. He is not helping others pay theirs. Get him out of office

    • Greg

      Amen to that Chiana! Pretty soon science will not be taught in Texas…. Ourc hildren will fall so far behind that Texans will be unemployable….

    • BornFreeAmerican

      Bill White is the liar! Our state is in the best shape in the WHOLE COUNTRY! We’re #1. Everyone is moving here. And that isn’t because of Bill White. Get rid of the illegals and the schools would improve drastically!! Go Rick Perry!

    • TexasTwoStep

      You are all ignorant drones…

  • franco

    amen to that

  • A Texan

    How can anybody look at that face and not see sleazy crook written all over it?

  • dee

    You guys are dumb, i agree obama could do more but your going to throw away education and the fact that our kids of today are the ones who will lead us when were old based on obama and the democrats. Get perry out then lets deal with the rest and change one step at a time.

    • kbTexan

      Why are you sitting around waiting for the government to fix education? Your schools are run by your Independent School District (ISD). That’s where you should be goingt o fix education. If your schools aren’t cutting it, get involved on a local level.

      • Greg

        Ever heard of the STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION?

  • Cedar Hill

    I wish Obama would do less, much less, like sit on his hands and do nothing for the next 2 years.

    Want to improve education? It isn’t in funding; there’s plenty of that. It’s the parents and the kids. Too many of either or both are apathetic about learning. A fraction of those even see school as an inconvenience. It’s so bad, we have to open up a high school for kids in their twenties.

    A great education system starts at the home of each and every student.

  • Carrollton Stew

    Please, rationalizing a vote for the slimy tool that Rick Perry is by lamely chanting “I hate Obama”? That’s great, you can complain about having what you probably say a “Marxist” in the White House, but completely turn a blind eye to Perry’s brazen corruption and cronyism. Perry may be a a crook, but he’s YOUR crook, right? LOL, brilliant hypocrisy…

  • zach red state

    i can finally relax, perry will win again, i voted staraghit gop and alawys have, this is the reason i live in a RED state, no crocked democratic will ever win in texas, go perry and fellow gop candiates.

  • Sharon

    Perry has taken the State Money. He is a big time crock. Why is he in office. Hi I would vote for Rick’s dog before I vote for him. I pay for auto and insurance and they want give us a card until after the last card expires. Rick’s people said it is okay. You want get nothing from RICK. He is rich for his land deal.

    • BornFreeAmerican

      Wow Sharon, what great grammar you have.

  • Reaves

    either way we go we are screwed Perry and White both are not worth voteing for.

  • BornFreeAmerican

    Don’t fall for it people! Bill White is a liar! He will hand over our beautiful state to Obama and his communist regime! Bill White is for cap and tax. He left Houston a mess. Bill White has a long and suspicious history of hiding the contents of his income tax returns. On March 17, the Houston Chronicle reported that Bill White earned $2.6 million while mayor serving on the board of BJ Services, a company under investigation by Congress for lying to the EPA. On June 8, when Bill White released his 2004-2008 tax returns, he admitted to the Associated Press that he earned more than $500,000 after investing in BTEC, a company he steered a taxpayer contract to following Hurricane Rita. The Wedge Group, which paid Bill White $81,854.65 in 2005, was the majority owner of BTEC at the time. On July 18, the Dallas Morning News reported that Bill White admitted he made millions from Frontera Resources, the company he formed to exploit his Washington contacts. There’s plenty more!

    Liberal trial lawyer Bill White’s entire political career has been defined by trading political contributions for favors. In 1993, Bill White was appointed Deputy Secretary of Energy after raising more than $2 million for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

    On April 4, 1993, the Houston Chronicle published an article titled, “Clinton’s selections are signal he’s tipping his hat to friends.”

    The article began: “It helps to have connections. Houston lawyer Bill White is the White House’s latest pick for deputy secretary of the Energy Department. White knows a lot about oil and gas law. But so do a lot of other people around here. What distinguishes White for this job is his political resume. He raised more than $2 million in Texas for the Clinton campaign and is a partner at the Susman Godfrey law firm, which worked with Clinton on a case in the 1970s, when Clinton was Arkansas attorney general.”

    “Liberal trial lawyer Bill White would have never been appointed Deputy Secretary of Energy had he not raised more than $2 million for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. “Bill Clinton must have taught Bill White well, because when it was Bill White’s turn to run for office, he rewarded his own donors with appointments.” Of the five Metro appointments Bill White made on Jan. 24, 2004, four had previously contributed to his mayoral campaign, and the fifth contributed to his campaign less than two months after receiving the appointment.

  • TxStoney
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