More Drilling In Flower Mound Despite Moratorium

By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

FLOWER MOUND (CBSDFW.COM) – This city was called a hub for natural gas drilling in North Texas, until last May, when the City Council issued a moratorium on new drilling permits. Despite the moratorium, two new drills near Sherri Lane will go active this week.

“I was always optimistic that we would get here,” said Ron Hilliard, Flower Mound resident.

Hilliard filed his permit request days before the moratorium took effect. The 64-year-old said he’s leasing his land to a company called Titan Operating, based in Fort Worth. He expects drilling to start by the week’s end.

“There were times when I got kind of frustrated,” Hilliard said. “And there were times when it seemed very difficult.”

Some neighbors, however, are none too pleased. Chris Henry said her family is already making plans to move.

“I feel like I’m being pushed out of this town,” Henry said. “This town is everything I wanted for my family. It’s really broken my heart.”

Along with environmental concerns, neighbors said the two new drills sit too close to two Flower Mound schools.

Texas state law requires a gas well to be at least 1,000 feet away from a school. Hilliard said the two wells, which are on his property, sit more than 2,000 feet away from the school.

Neighbors argue that these latest drills are just the tip of the iceberg. According to the City of Flower Mound, 55 wells have been drilled and another 22 have been approved.


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  1. Jerry says:

    Most of the residents in Flower mound that oppose gas drilling are only opposed because they aren’t getting a piece of the pie. Any moron would realize that drilling brings in big bucks for the town and which keeps taxes down and can only better the town. As far as safety goes, the gas meter on the side or your house is more dangerous, less maintained, hardly ever inspected, in other words a ticking time bomb. But that’s ok with residents? Funny how they drive their gas guzzling pollution spilling hummers and expeditions around to picket against gas drilling.

  2. eric says:

    Yes, there are a lot of hypocrites living in Flower Mound who are uninformed and believe anything.

  3. RJ says:

    Yeah, they only pump thousands of gallons of cancerous chemicals into our ground water. What’s the problem? Then through fracking release tons of cubic feet of gas, some of which they collect. A lot of which just surfaces in our water, streams, rivers, etc. So what if you can ignite your tap water? I personally think the oil and gas industry has our best interests at heart.

  4. Fed Up says:

    RJ…do your research before you speak. The fracking at Hilliard will not cause you to be able to ignite your tap water. You are not on a well and your water does not come from an aquifer. Get a clue and get your facts straight before you go running off at the mouth. I personally love how the yuppies are crying how this is ruining their town…please. For those of us who lived here before the invasion of the yuppies, we all know who truly “ruined” the town. Do you think what fuzzy little creatures were displaced so you could live in your McMansion or your offspring could run like lemmings up and down the sports fields….I think not! Leave the Hilliards alone and if you don’t like it leave Flower Mound all together…the rest of us would greatly appreciate it!!

  5. eric says:

    Fed Up-
    You are SO RIGHT!!! The Town’s master plan is to “preserve the rural atmosphere” and RURAL means it’s your land and you get to decide what to do with it. Not a bunch of yuppies who built little boxes right next to it. Probably loved the “view of the open fields” and now they want to control it.

  6. FloMo Family says:

    The only people who think drilling these wells in the middle of town by two schools and hundreds of residents is a good idea are those who are financially profiting. Titan has only drilled a dozen or so wells in their history and never in an urban setting. Williams actually has experience and they have had at least 3 toxic spills in Flower Mound this year! How much better is Titan going to do?

    So we have these gas wells going up, each one permanently contaminates about 3-4 million gallons of water, spews toxic pollution, drags hundreds of tanker trucks onto an already congested road, negatively impacts the home values surrounding Hilliard, has a blast zone that includes hundreds of children… and this is supposed to be ok?

    Cook Children’s hospital recently conducted a study that showed children in the barnett shale has over 3 times the asthma rates compared to the state. 25% of our children have asthma that is directly linked to our pollution. Pollution that is contributed by natural gas well drilling. If you think they aren’t spewing pollutants, you are dilusional. How is this good idea? So- blame the residents who are upset about this. Call them names and scream that they should move. I’m sure the parents of the children with leukemia and the young moms with breast cancer WISHED they had moved- this is a reality in west Flower Mound.

    Look at Argyle and how one lady can turn her water to plastic by heating it. Think it’s not relevant? It is because it shows a pattern of poor practices and cutting corners by gas drilling companies so they can make a profit. You hear case after case across the country of horror stories by both mineral rights owners and surface owners.

    Again. The only people who think drilling in an urban setting are the people who are profiting from this madness.

  7. PK says:

    Preserving the rural atmosphere does not mean industrialization. Its embarrassing how far Flower Mound is falling, we moved and are glad we did. My child was going to go to Bluebonnet elementary and I couldn’t let that happen. I wish you all the best, glad we got out.

  8. Zeke says:

    Questions for FloMoFamily:

    “So we have these gas wells going up, each one permanently contaminates about 3-4 million gallons of water”

    Does that water end up in your home and can you prove it?

    “.. spews toxic pollution”

    Do you drive a motor vehicle? If so, did you realize that it spews toxic pollution as well?

    “drags hundreds of tanker trucks onto an already congested road”

    Do you live in a home in Flower Mound? If so, do you realize that it dragged tanker trucks onto congested roads as well?

    “negatively impacts the home values surrounding Hilliard”

    Can you provide object proof of that specific allegation?

    “ has a blast zone that includes hundreds of children”

    Can you define the specific details of this “blast zone” for us and how it affects/endangers children?

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