By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A few months ago, radio personality Shanon Murphy and Plano resident Gail Moten were strangers. But the two have since grown close together after something happened one August morning.

Murphy, who is a part of the nationally syndicated Kidd Kraddic Morning Show, said she gives away prizes all the time, but she never knew how much someone could give until that morning.

That’s when she met Moten.

Murphy offered to vacuum her car and even give her a little shopping spree inside a 7-Eleven.

“I asked her, ‘Is there anything else you need?’ No, that’s not enough for Gail! She said, ‘No I need a kidney,'” Murphy said.

Moten says she didn’t hesitate, and before she knew it the words were out of her mouth on-air.

“I know it was the Holy Spirit that spoke up and said I’m on dialysis if anyone is out there that would like to donate a kidney call Shanon,” Moten said.

That day Army Sgt. Brandon Vance was listening.

Vance, 26, is a single father and just returned from a deployment in Iraq.

“Something just told me that I needed to do that,” he said.

Vance said what he did was his way of saying thank you to the morning show that helped him get through the war.

“If you have been on that nine-hour mission and things are rough and you just want to relax and you want a piece of home,” Vance said. “Listening to Kidd an hour a day, it helped me out.”

After several rounds of testing, Vance recently discovered he was a match and will be giving his kidney to Moten in December.

“He will be part of my family always,” Moten said. “He is my guardian angel, because of him I will live! I will get my life back.”

As she recovers during the holidays, she said she’ll be thinking about Vance. He will soon be headed to Afghanistan.

It will be his 4th deployment.

“If I can bring some comfort to her I think it’s worth it,” Vance said.

The sergeant said the military has no problems with him giving up one of his organs. He doesn’t think the donation will impact his job at all overseas.