Wild Hogs Frustrate Irving Homeowners

By Andrea Lucia, CBS 11 News

IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) – Frances Mitchell takes a lot of pride in her front lawn. So, when she walked out two weeks ago to find it ruined, it gave her quite a shock.

“I had a very nice yard. Yes, I did,” she said. “Opened the door and said Oh my God!”

The culprit responsible came as an even bigger surprise. Neighbors in south Irving say wild hogs have been tearing up their yards, ripping down to the dirt and burrowing crude holes.

To help catch the pigs, the City of Irving put out traps. So far, they’ve caught at least three, weighing as much as 200 pounds.

“I saw the teeth on it, and it was like a monster,” said Lane Thompson, Mitchell’s grandson.

The city’s consultant said they’re not monsters, just animals looking for a new home. He claims recent flooding of the Trinity River forced the pigs to leave their former habitat in the flood plains.

Mitchell says it’s the first time in her 35 years living in Irving that she’s had a problem with pigs, and she has no sympathy for the intruders.

“No. None. Whatsoever,” she said.

She just wants them gone. The city consultant said all the pigs caught are sold off for their meat. The money raised will go to promote wildlife education, he said.


One Comment

  1. Gregor says:

    Your headline is grammatically wrong. The correct phrase is “HOME in on,” not “hone in on.”

    1. Sue E. says:

      hahahahahaha OMG you poor thing.
      Is that like taken for “granite”?


  2. Theguywhoeatsmeat. says:

    If it was me I would catch them my self and have around 200 lbs of pork meat my self.

  3. Cris says:

    That is so cruel and selfish.. Kill hem for their meat…. I bet these poor animals who have been displaced do not want to be murdered 😦

    1. runner says:

      rember that next time you set down to the dinner table and have meat

  4. MarkTheMeS says:

    Cris, it is the wild pigs and hogs that are displacing native species. They are a pest throughout a large part of the country these days. Watch the TV listings for a show called “The Pig Bomb” from The Discovery Channel for more info. MeS™

  5. ms says:

    Why are people so scared of animals and why can’t they not understand that the animal has been displaced for a short time and must have a place to live. If you will remember, part of the duties God gave humans was to take care of the animals.

    1. runner says:

      why don’t you go out and make nice to the little piggies

  6. Vicki Kocurek says:

    As for the wild pigs, shouldn’t the residents have the first choice of keeping the meat if it is trapped on their property. You can get a log a meat out of one of those things and times are tough. Even if the City traps are the ones used is ther a way the residents can benefit if they so desire.

  7. RHINO Texas says:

    t his is simple. You see a wild hog in your yard. You shoot it. End of problem

  8. farmtoy says:

    haa haaa we’ve had pig problems for years finally you city folk get them

  9. Road head says:

    It is a much bigger problem than just hey a pig tore up my grass.. The city needs to understand that the line in-between Irving and grand prairie is the trinity river… Hogs like all animals need water so they gravitate to such areas… Irving is just now noticing this problem cause there are so many of these “wild” or feral hogs cause the population of hogs are getting pushed into these subdivisions.. Let’s get a contractor to trap them and do something good for the city it’s self with the money if you sell the hogs..

  10. alexthachx3 says:

    Its better if you kill these pests, you wouldn’t say Protect the pigs when it kills your pet.

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