Packers Rout Cowboys In Latest Dallas Drama

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) – First it was Brett Favre’s Vikings, then the jabbering Jets and the drama from Dallas.

The Green Bay Packers?

They’ve quietly dispatched those hyped preseason contenders over three straight weeks to save their season.

So what if their best effort so far, a 45-7 rout of the Cowboys on Sunday night, will be overshadowed by Dallas owner Jerry Jones, who rambled all about the problems his team has with just a passing mention of the Packers.

“We were outplayed in every way that you could be,” Jones said. “Certainly made the kind of mistakes alone that can beat you. I thought that Green Bay played well. I thought their quarterback played well. I didn’t think that we played well in any phase.”

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The Cowboys owner says he’ll address his team on Monday. But even if he fires coach Wade Phillips, just a week after saying a midseason firing was unlikely, it won’t salvage this season.

Jones will watch the Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium in February the way most everyone else will — as a fan.

“I know firsthand what it is to have high expectations,” Jones said. “I think questionably, our expectations are thinking we were something that we’re not.”

The NFC North-leading Packers (6-3) have weathered some of that pressure, and have looked increasingly better heading into their bye week after stumbling last month with consecutive overtime losses.

“There was definitely some doubts creeping in,” said Aaron Rodgers. “(We) realized we needed to make a push here these next three games and we did. A big win against Minnesota, went to New York, beat a very good football team, and came home and beat a wounded animal in Dallas the way we feel like we were capable of playing.”

Rodgers threw for 289 yards and three touchdowns, Brandon Jackson scored twice, Clay Matthews returned an interception for a touchdown and Green Bay scored on special teams by ripping a fumble away from kick returner Bryan McCann and taking it the other way.

“You saw special teams creating turnovers and making big plays. Offense was scoring at will. And, defense was creating turnovers and having their way,” said Matthews, who also had a sack to increase his NFL-leading total to 10 1/2 this season. “I think it was close to a perfect game. That’s what we’ve been striving for this year — all three aspects of our game coming together. That’s what happens when it does.”

It was a low point for the Cowboys (1-7) as they continue their worst season since going 1-15 in 1989. This year is much worse, because Dallas is hosting the Super Bowl in its swanky stadium and believed it could be the first team to play at home for a title.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do, I’ve got a lot of decisions to make and it’s not just one, two, three or four,” Jones said. “I think everybody in this country would agree, there’s a lot wrong with this team that I’ve got to address and certainly I’m the one to address it.”

A national TV audience certainly saw Dallas’ flaws.

The Cowboys failed to run the ball. They failed to stop the Packers’ passing game. They couldn’t get in the right position on defense, couldn’t field punts, couldn’t use their timeouts correctly.

It was a Texas-sized disaster.

“I thought we played poorly. I thought we played poorly as a team. We looked like a bad football team, and I think that’s the way we played,” Phillips said.

Dallas trailed 28-0 late in the second quarter, giving up three long touchdown drives and another score when McCann fumbled away a kickoff that was returned for a TD by Nick Collins. McCann appeared to be down before he gave the ball away — but the Cowboys didn’t have any timeouts left and weren’t able to challenge the call.

“I know he was down. I know that,” Collins said. “I got a gift, an early Christmas present.”

Dallas had called its final timeout 38 seconds earlier.

“That ended up hurting us,” Phillips said.

The Packers have been ailing all season, but keep winning despite a seemingly endless supply of quality replacements. Green Bay has lost 10 players to season-ending injuries, including five starters, but seem to keep improving.

“I’m very impressed with the character, the work ethic of this group,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. “Just the fact that every Monday you have a medical report that’s two pages long and get different guys stepping up each week.

“We’re getting better. That’s what it’s all about. You’ve got to play your best football in November, December.

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One Comment

  1. Bonham says:

    This team is going to the super bowl? No way

  2. Bobby says:

    you have highschool football that plays harder then the cowboys do

  3. Sergio Gandara says:

    Well atleast if there is any tornado activity in North Dallas, i know to head to cowboys stadium because i heard theres no touchdowns over there!!!

  4. Tammy says:

    The high side, maybe we get a good draft pick, a new coachig staff, and Jerry will quit trying to be a coach so we can win

    1. tlm says:

      There’s no way JJ will ever quit trying to be a coach. I wish he would just go away.

  5. George says:

    AP GREEN BAY, WI. — Officials report shots fired in the Cowboy’s Locker room last night at Lambeau Field. Witnesses report that Cowboy’s QB John Kitna, upset with his receivers, pulled out a revolver.

    In an attempt to break this up, the Cowboy’s Defense surrounded the QB and tried to tackle him. The slow footed QB dodge the entire Defense.

    He fired a shot at the Wide Receivers. The shot passed between the hands of 3 wide outs, but lodged in the chest of Packer’s CB Charles Woodson.

    During the scuffle, two Cowboys running backs Tashard Choice and Felix Jones were knocked unconscious as they ran into their own offensive line men while escaping the fray.

    A distraught David Buehler, the Cowboy’s Kicker, grabbed the gun, pointed it at his own head, squeezed the trigger, and missed WIDE TO THE LEFT.

    When asked for comment, head coach Wade Phillips said his usual, “We are not panicking yet.”

    Jason Garrett was upset because the bullet was supposed to go to a running back 5 yards behind the offensive line—the one surrounded by Packers.

    Cowboy’s Owner Jerry Jones was quoted, “The Chief of Security will keep his job at least thru the end of the season.”

    When asked his opinion, the newest TN Titan, Randy Moss said, ”The Cowboys are messed up in the head. They’ve got issues.”

  6. SLATER71 says:


  7. SLATER71 says:


  8. Dan says:

    The best decision JJ could make is for him to sell the Cowboys. He completely dismantled the Cowboy organization when he bought them. Does JJ know a winner when he has one? Look at JJ’s record; he fired the 2 best coaches the Cowboys had Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson.

    1. susan says:

      I agree. the only personnel Jerry switched out is the egotistical owner, president and GM.

  9. Dianne Lewis says:

    I have tried hard to find ways to express myself concerning the Cowboys. I was here (DFW) when Jerry Jones took over the team and had the honor to meet Tom Landry not long after that occurred. When Landry was so ungraciously kicked out, any vestige of civility, courtesy and manners went with him.

    Jerry Jones has, in my humble opinion, been the worst thing that could ever have happened to the Cowboys. In spite of the cash windfall it seems to be for Jones, football is still a GAME…. nothing more than a GAME!!!

    Hire the right people to run the team and get your ____ to the Skybox (WITHOUT a direct line to the coaches), watch the game, pay the bills, compliment them when they do well and keep your mouth shut when they do bad and let the coaches do their jobs!!!! NO HUMAN CAN DO THE JOB YOU WANT with your mug in theirs 24/7.

    This is my humble opinion.

  10. JN says:


  11. scrammer says:

    JN – you must work for JJ to make a comment that stupid.
    Dianne – you are right on target with your comments.
    JJ has single-handedly dismantled what used to be one of the best pro football organizations around. The only successes JJ and his “team” have had have been the results, either directly or residual, of one coach that wouldn’t let Jones push him around.

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