A New Day For the Cowboys With Jason Garrett at the Helm

Wally Lynn for 105.3 The Fan

Irving (105.3 The Fan) Tuesday was a day off at Valley Ranch for the players while coaches got ready for the first day under Jason Garrett, who will address the team Wednesday for the first time. There are always things said after a coach leaves that some people are unwilling to address while that person is around.

Cowboys insiders do say, for the most part, that they have never seen anything like this in terms of a lack of leadership on the team when things go South. Will they buy into what Jason is selling?  Usually, teams do for at least a couple of weeks, and then go back to their old ways.  So we will look for the so called “subtle changes” that will begin taking place tomorrow.

As for the candidate list of coaches for next season, the names that are getting the most play are familiar: Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, Brian Billick, and Tony Dungy.

That is a pretty hefty list of potential candidates if Jerry decides that Garrett is not the answer.  One note of interest on Cowher.  He did not win a Super Bowl until his 14th season in Pittsburgh, did not win a playoff game until his third season, and did not make the playoffs four times in that span.  Might he be a tad over rated?  Probably.  See Mack Brown at Texas for a comparison.

Wally Lynn covers the Dallas Cowboys for 105.3 The Fan

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One Comment

  1. rodney says:

    well,he had to put someone in as coach to give him time to find another.That being said,I don’t think Garrett is the one because I feel he was part of the problem.To come in and say they should do this or that,well,were was he during this mess,and you could not say Phillips was not approachable.
    Next of course is to rid themselves of Mr.Jerry himselves.Why would any self repecting coach want to work under his thumb.Why do you think Parsels left?
    Because of the over wrought meddleing Mr. Jones.

  2. 3PawPaw3 says:

    WE need to FIRE the owner then maybe we could rebuild AMERICAs team !

  3. darrin says:

    i agree wade had to go!! but remember it wasnt wade running that pathetic cowboy offense. it was all garrets to run. and the dude totally sucked. same old weak plays week after week. garret was ok til all the other teams learned his high school play calling. then it was over!!!!!!! garret wouldnt make a pimple on a head coaches ass. im a die hard dallas fan and ive been calling for garrets head a long time before i was calling for wades.

  4. lee b says:

    One word defines the cowboys “Classless”, from the top down. Everyone seems more interested in themselves than winning. At the pro level any team can beat any other team on any given day; what makes champions is class and teamwork, both of which the cowboys lack.

  5. ann1938 says:

    No coach with any integrity would want to work for Jerry Jones and his ego. (The two can’t be separated). The players aren’t going to respect Jason Garrett, because he hasn’t exactly done a stellar job as defensive coach. Opponents have his strategies figured out already. It should be interesting to see who Jerry can entice with his money. Back when Tom Landry was coach, the players didn’t make gazillions and they weren’t thugs. Fans looked at the Cowboys as their friends and heroes. Some of the ones Jerry has allowed on the team had only their pocketbooks in mind and others were just plan criminals. Even Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells weren’t really in charge of the players, because Jerry has to insinuate himself into everything. Mr. “Socks and Jocks” is the one who needs to go!

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