Mom Wants Treadmill Injury To Be Warning For Parents

By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Cindi Ford has tried to make everything childproof around her Arlington home.

The mother has put a fence around the swimming pool and a net around the trampoline.  “All the time that we’ve been in this house it’s been about pool safety,” says Cindi Ford.

Ford says she never thought twice about her treadmill in the living room, until now.  “It’s a dangerous piece of equipment that you need to keep an eye on,” says Ford.

On Monday night her daughter Annabelle, 8, was walking on the treadmill.  She slipped and when she tried to stop herself her right hand went underneath the rollers in the back.  “It felt like my knuckles were on fire,” describes Annabelle Ford.

Annabell was rushed to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.  She had broken one finger, crushed three others and also severely burned her hand.  “On the middle finger it was down to the knuckle down to the white,” explains Cindi.

The treadmill made by ProForm does have a safety key which immediately stops the motor.  Annabelle says she tried to grab it, but says she couldn’t reach it.

Colleen Logan, A spokesperson with ProForm, says they were sorry to hear the little girl was hurt, but that their user’s manual specifically states that children under 12 should not use it and that the safety key should be attached to clothing.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission more than 25,000 children each year are hurt on exercise equipment.
Fractures and even amputations were reported in about 20% of exercise equipment related injuries.  Because of that the CPSC urges children be kept away from all exercise equipment whether in use or powered down.

As Annabelle recovers she’s coping without the use of her bandaged right hand.  “I can’t really feel my hand,” says Annabelle.  She’s come to terms with having to give up gymnastics for a little while, but hopes she’s healed by softball season.

Her mom meantime, has unplugged the treadmill and is just grateful what happened wasn’t worse.  “She could have lost fingers in that incident rather than just damage them,” says Cindi.


One Comment

  1. schrodinger says:

    “If you make somethig idiot-proof, only an idiot would use it.”

  2. schrodinger says:

    “It’s a dangerous piece of equipment that you need to keep an eye on,” says Ford.

    No, ma’am– it’s your child that you need to keep an eye on.

    1. Chumbucket says:

      HERE HERE!!! Nothing like doling out a little honesty with a dash of good old fashiioned common sense!! Bravo schrodinger!!!

    2. Lois Marsh says:

      Awww now are you serious… you actually expect a parent to take responsibility for the life that they created and are suppose to be teaching right from wrong? You Go!!!!! Yes parents watch your children. What business does an 8 year old have on a treadmill… she should be OUTSIDE PLAYING!!!

  3. Sarah says:

    I think the important thing to remember is that this mother was willing to tell this story to the news, in order to warn other parents not to make the same mistake. Hopefully this can be a wake up call for more parents so less children are hurt. It easy to forget about the simple dangers in our home.

  4. brandy says:

    Watch your kids, YES, but do you watch your EIGHT year old’s every move. No probably not. Baby even up to about four I understand, but I would think you could let your EIGHT year old out of your sight in your own home. I’m guessing these comments come from non parents? I agree with Sarah, these comments are a little harsh!

  5. CanadianTexan says:

    Stop the world! Call the president! Sue the company!

    Stupidity… Why is it news? The mother should hope and pray that no one finds out she let her 8 year old do something that the manufacturer states is unsafe. What’s next driving at 14 without a lisence? Or drinking at 18?

    And I do have an 8 year old daughter.

  6. BDK says:

    Most treadmills come with keys to prevent this. If she left the key in then it’s her fault, not the treadmills.

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