By Jay Gormley, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Perry and Palin. Palin and Perry. Either way, their supporters may argue that ticket has a nice ring to it. But will it ring true with voters in 2012? And will it even happen?

At a book signing in Dallas Wednesday, Gov. Rick Perry tried to end any speculation by saying he had no plans to run for the White House. Perry did admit, however, that he has considered it.

“Oh yeah, I’ve considered it, and I’ve said, ‘no, that’s not where I want to go,’” Perry told the crowd. “I want to stay here in this state and help lead.”

But state Democratic leaders aren’t so sure of that.

“I think he’s running,” said Boyd Ritchie, Texas Democratic Party Chair. “According to reports I’ve read, he’s doing polling in Iowa. What does that tell you?”

And then there’s Sarah Palin, former nominee for Vice President. She too was in Dallas Wednesday, speaking at a pro-life fundraiser at the Majestic Theater. In fact, Palin shared the stage with Perry.

“So good to be back in the Lone Star State, and always really, really good to get to be here with your governor,” Palin said. “A man that I just dearly love and respect.”

It’s no secret that Palin has worked to position herself for a Presidential run, but she has not gone on record with any such intentions for 2012.

Palin once again declined to take questions from reporters Wednesday. Meanwhile, political analyst John Weekly said Palin may not get backing from the Republican Party leadership in 2012, if she does decide to run.

“She has a lot of baggage,” Weekly said. “I think that baggage would be there to exploit.”

Weekly agrees that a Palin-Perry political pairing would generate tremendous interest, but he said it would likely be the type of interest the Republican Party would rather avoid.