GREENVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – The weather has cleared, but the mess left behind following strong winds will be with one Northeast Texas town for a few days.

Video from Chopper 11 show many restaurants and businesses along Wesley Street in Greenville were hit hard Friday by straight line winds.  A recently remolded Braums took the brunt of the storm.

The straight line winds from a microburst were clocked by the National Weather Service at 65 miles per hour.  They blew through Greenville, located 50 miles northeast of Dallas along I-30, around 2:30 Friday afternoon.

Large sections of the Braums roof were blown off completely, leaving behind holes above the dining area.

Employee Jeffrey Jennings says he was helping a customer at the drive through at the time and saw debris hit the customer’s vehicle.  No one was hurt.  Jennings  says the store flared up so fast, he was barely able to yell for the employees and 20 customers inside to go into the cooler for protection.

Pictures on the Greenville Herald-Banner website show much of the damage.

Across Wesley Street a sign from the Crossroads Mall fell onto the roof of a pick-up truck whose owner was ordering at the drive-thru of a Taco Bueno.  The driver wasn’t hurt.

The winds downed powerlines and tree branches nearby, causing about one thousand people to lose their power.  The lights are now back on for most, if not all customers.

Despite all of the damage, only one person needed medical attention, and was treated for minor injuries .

The clean-up at Braums will resume Saturday, they just re-opened in August after completing a major renovation.