By Andrea Lucia & Matt Goodman, CBS 11 News

SANSOM PARK (CBSDFW.COM) – The former Sansom Park police chief and three of his officers hurriedly resigned in October after a laundry list of allegations surfaced against them, including sexual harassment, padded time cards and reckless behavior.

Five Sansom Park officers formally submitted a list of complaints against Chief Tony White, 41, Sgt. Thomas Milner, 42, and officers Joshua Smith, 32, and Andrew Young, 28, to the City Council in September. The four offending officers each resigned in October before they could be fired.

Complete List of Accusations Against Chief Tony White

Many of the complaints lodged against former Chief White center around mismanagement of the department, including theft of city money, poorly equipping officers, and not ensuring that some under his watch had gone through proper field training, according to a series of documents acquired through a Public Information Act request.

Complete List of Accusations Against Sgt. Thomas Milner

One allegation against Milner accused him of giving out the address of a 14-year-old girl in open chat rooms to try and lure pedophiles as part of a sting operation.

“This was after he had been ordered to stop performing these types of sting operations by city officials,” the complaint reads. “This child and her grandmother are now at risk of retaliation as some of the pedophiles were known gang members.”

In another of the 18 complaints against Milner, the sergeant was accused of inappropriately touching a female inmate. When the inmate complained, the allegation reads that “Sgt. Milner was allowed to investigate the complaint himself, instead of having an outside agency do the investigation or one of his supervisors do the investigation.”

In yet another, Milner allegedly shot and killed a dog “even though the animal control officer was there with a tranquilizer gun and the dog was not an immediate threat.” The complaint alleges that Milner then tossed the animal’s body in a Dumpster near City Hall.

Attorney Lance Wyatt represents both Milner and White, and claims many of the stories are untrue. He said the only address used in a pedophile sting led to a vacant home. As for the inmate’s allegation that Milner inappropriately touched her, Wyatt said Milner did not, as the complaint reads, investigate it himself.

“It was actually investigated by a female officer with the department,” Wyatt said. “A lot of the allegations are just baseless accusations.”

Complete List of Accusations Against Officer Josh Smith

The majority of the 11 complaints against Smith are for his time mismanagement and padding his time card to get paid for hours he did not work. But one alleges that he confronted 19-year-old Eric McClendon and held a gun to his leg while looking for a stolen iPod.

“He pulls a gun out from behind him, puts it on my knee and said, ‘If you don’t tell me what happened to the iPods, I’m going to blow your knee out,’” McClendon said.

He added that he was “very surprised” that man happened to be a police officer.

Complete List of Accusations Against Officer Andrew Young

There were five complaints filed against Young. He allegedly never underwent proper field training, misused time by venturing into Fort Worth to eat, and “belittles, screams, yells and uses profanity at officers he is training, even though he has been counseled about this type of activity.”

Young’s other complaint arose when he entered an I-Hop restaurant in uniform and noticed a person he previously arrested. He allegedly slammed his handcuffs on the man’s table and asked, “You want to go at it again?”

In each of the documents acquired through the Public Information Act request, five officers expressed their “lack of confidence” in each offending officer and the command staff.