By Wally Lynn for 105.3 The Fan

IRVING (105.3 THE FAN) – Paul Pasqualoni looks funny.  The new Cowboys defensive coordinator is not “funny looking,” but he sure does resemble an older version of comedian Will Ferrell.  That is about where the similarities end, except for the part about Pasqualoni coaching little kids in sports and really never wavering from his philosophy.

“I’ve never changed my approach to teaching.  I started off as an elementary school teacher and I don’t think the approach was really different with Kindergarten through 6th grade….the 9th grade, the JV, and on up.  You’ve got to be genuine.  You’ve got to be who you are.  You don’t fool players.  I’m just who I am and we do what we have to do to get it done and we go about it that way.”

The Pasqualoni way, according to players, is a guy who will stir it up in practice.  A guy who likes to yell it like it is from time to time. Intense.  Pasqualoni says he was the same way with elementary kids.  That’s right, old school then, and old school now.

He says he doesn’t think he “shocked” guys when he took over the defense, but some of his position players on the defensive line say they were giggling and elbowing each other with the “wait til they get a load of Coach P” gossip.  Says Jason Hatcher,
” He’s got a story for every Sunday. He gives us his speech, every week.  He gets you going pretty good.  He’s pretty interesting.”

Pasqualoni says they did not change a whole lot last week and that he wants to be careful with any transitions to some of his ideas….including being a little more unpredictable.  What did he tweak?

“Every team you face is different so we have our plate full with just getting them ready week to week. It is the same defensive system.  The players know it well and we’re just trying to push forward and use what we have.  You want to present as many looks as you can to the quarterback so we’re trying to do that.  It’s hard to do, but as much as we can we’d like to do that.”

Pasqualoni came to Dallas with 29 years of coaching experience, including 19 as a head coach (14 at Syracuse).  He took the Orange to in 9 of those 14 seasons at Syracuse.

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