Do you use Twitter?

Are you planning to fly this holiday weekend?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both of those questions, would you like to help out CBSDFW with a social networking experiment?

We’re asking people to tweet about your travel experiences, wherever you end up in the country.  We’re looking for tweets about the TSA, the lines, the body scanners, you name it.

If interested in taking part, simply use the hashtag #NTXfly.   We’ll be tracking tweets with that hashtag here.

If you don’t use Twitter, but still want to join in,  please let us know if you see anything unusual at the airports this weekend. It doesn’t matter if you are at DFW, Love Field, LAX, or JFK.   Send pictures and video from your phones to and we’ll make sure to credit you (and might even want to talk with you on air.)