Website Helping Women With Holidays, Jobs

By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Many North Texans have their thoughts on Thanksgiving, but for some finding a job would be something to truly be thankful for.

A new website started up by women for women hopes to help this holiday.

According to the creators of, a growing number of North Texans are using their website as a resource.

Fort Worth resident Nancy Carefoot normally surfs the web for fun, but lately she’s online looking for a new beginning.

“Just trying to stay very positive,” says Carefoot “There have been lots of prayer.” Carefoot lost her job a few weeks ago and she’s now in the process of finding a new job in a tough economy.

“I’d like a position doing accounting,” says Carefoot.

Carefoot, 54, is not afraid of putting herself out there, she’s even turned to for help.

As she searches for what could help her, she comments about one of the sections “…that looks like that would be a good way to learn market yourself.”

Two friends Gail Fine and Syndi Blatt from New Jersey are behind the website. The women post job fairs in cities across the country every day, including one posted in Dallas on December 1 at the Radisson Hotel & Suites on West Mockingbird Lane.

The site also includes forums where you can vent and free resources for those looking for work. “I really think that the networking will be the best way to find another job,” says Carefoot.

For Nancy it’s another tool to find the right job it’s something she hopes happens before Christmas.


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  1. KayC says:

    Well, it would nice if my husband could find a job. He’s going on 20 months of unemployment, 403 resumes sent out as of this morning. He has a college education, he’s done accounting, HR, l(ike 401 k’s)., etc. Unemployment runs out the end of December, probably lose the house, can’t find any help because we make too much on my part-time job of 15-20 hours. My husband is too young to retire, too healthy for vet benefits, but too old to hire we guess. You can’t get help unless you earn $100.00 per month or you’re homeless. If we are homeless we can get help. That will be sonn enough. My biggest question with that is how do they get in touch with you because if you’re homeless you have no landline phone & no cell because you won’t have money to pay the bill.

    Any clues or suggestions are welcome. Don’t suggest I get another job because I will be 59 soon too. Employers only want part-time so they don’t pay any sick pay, benefits, etc.

    1. AprilC says:

      KayC…I’ll pray for you and your family…and you can pray for me. I’m right there with your husband, with the 20 months unemployment and it ending in December. I haven’t counted all the applications and resumes I’ve sent out, but unfortunately I don’t have a college education either. That’s what I’m running into as well, nothing but PT work so they don’t have to pay benefits nor pay much over minimum wage!!! Don’t know what’s going to happen next either. My husband’s disabled and I’m unemployed and they say we make too much for any government help too!!! I know we aren’t the only ones in this spot!!!

  2. beth says:

    Kay C. I know how you feel… my husband is working but I have been unemployed for 20 months and my unemplyment runs out in beginning of December. My home is on the list for auction in January…. as far as for the the house I am trying modifying my loan… still.

    but as you say your husband is in accounting or sorts… try BNSF website… there are some interesting jobs there with good pay,,, or City of Dallas as a Service agent… ok money.. better then nothing..

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