By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – In between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, a new national movement known as Small Business Saturday is beginning to emerge.

Its supporters say it’s a way for small businesses to get themselves involved in the shopping frenzy.

The website, which is backed by advocacy groups and national organizations, says its goal is to make sure shoppers do not forget about the small, locally-owned businesses during the holidays.

Nancy Hay owns Toy Works in the Village of Camp Bowie and said she thinks it’s a good opportunity for promotion and education of area small businesses.

“I think it’s a very interesting concept I think it’s something I would believe in,” Hay said. “It’s getting people to shop locally educating them that for every 100 dollars you spent in a local store 68 dollars of that goes back into the community.”

Besides offering discounts this holiday season, the 30-year Fort Worth toy store will also have Santa and his reindeer on standby for pictures.

In a time when many small businesses are struggling and closing, anything helps, experts say.

“A lot of small businesses are cutting their prices to match those of larger retailers of course that will cut into their profit margins which are very thin to start with,” said Bud Weinstein, a Professor of Business Economics at Southern Methodist University.

While the mom and pop stores can’t offer the deeply discounted prices big-box stores offer, they are giving customers discounts and a unique shopping experience.

“We’re more unique and I try to spent more time with the customers,” said Dawn Keifer, owner of Lane Knight, a designer accessory shop in Fort Worth.

She’s gearing up for this busy time by offering discounts and more personalized assistance.

“It’s getting people to shop locally, and educating them that for every $100 you spent in a local store, $68 of that goes back into the community,” Hay said.