By Wally Lynn, 105.3 The Fan

IRVING (105.3 The Fan) – Jason Garrett is getting pretty good at this media thing.  Today’s shut down topic?  Marion Barber vs. Tashard Choice as the guy that will get more carries down the stretch.  Garrett’s answer?   “Choice is the third back and that is probably the right place for him right now. That is his role on the team and we like what he has done.”

So it doesn’t sound like Marion Barber is being moved down the depth chart.  Garrett again defended Barber’s yards per carry average which is 3.1 per saying they ask him to carry the ball more on short yardage situations.  True, but it certainly does appear that he has lost a step.  Witness the 4th and 1 in the first half in which Barber busted it outside and was easy pickings on the play. But understand, Barber went outside because he could not find room inside.  The play was not designed to go to the edge.  Nonetheless, it appears that Choice will remain in his role, but Barber is also nursing an injured calf, which could mean this weekend is the perfect time to see what Choice can do again.  Of course, Felix Jones is locked in right now, so it is a matter of the other carries that are being debated.

Garrett also says that Dez Bryant’s attitude is fine.  “I don’t see that as a negative,” he said when asked about his slight tantrum on the sideline which was out of frustration that the Saints were giving him all sorts of looks.  “He can learn that he’s going to get attention going forward.  He has shown people in this league that he is worthy of attention.  I thought he handled it well through the ball game.  You have to find the other guys and getting it to Witten and Jones, that is what allowed us to have success on offense.”

Tony Romo continues to throw some, but the Cowboys still consider it a “medical decision” on whether he will play again.  “I think the mindset is to get him as healthy as he can as quickly as he can.  We have to make sure he is healed up,” according to Garrett.

The Cowboys released defensive end Jimmy Saddler-McQueen today who was signed three weeks ago but was a non factor. They also added safety Andrew Sendejo to the active roster off the practice squad and signed defensive lineman Alex Daniels to the practice squad.

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