Unemployment Benefits Running Out For Thousands Of North Texans

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There are about 130,000 North Texans currently receiving unemployment benefits.  Those will stop for many of these residents, beginning Wednesday.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, as many as 85,000 people statewide will be immediately affected by The U.S. Congress’ decision to not extend benefits again for those who have passed 99 weeks worth of extensions. People will now start dropping off the unemployment rolls at an estimated rate of 3,000 people a week statewide.

Laurie Bouillion Larrea is the president of the Dallas County Local Workforce Development Board.  She said some people have been on unemployment for two years. Larrea said people are now facing some tough choices about what to do next. 

Fort Worth resident Rajani Sood, 55, is one of those individuals. The college graduate was laid off by Nokia two years ago, and has not been able to find a job.

“Two years I’m at home, but still I cannot enjoy any day off, because every time I have attention in my mind whether I’ll get a job, or how I’m going to survive,” she said.

Sood has held temporary jobs and applies for work daily, she said.

David Setzer, the Executive Director of  Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas, said he expects to see the number of people using their centers rise over the next few weeks as residents transition from looking for the perfect job, to looking for any job. 

Sood mimics this idea: Each day, she returns to a nearby Workforce Center, hoping it will be the day she finds permanent employment.

“Every day I look for a job,” she said. “Today I got a call from a temporary service that I can fax my resume to them.”

Gary Godsee is the President and CEO of United Way Metropolitan Dallas. He expects many residents to now turn to the agency and its social service line 2-1-1 for help on what to do next.

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D- Dallas) and former Rep. Chet Edwards (D – Waco) were the only North Texas representatives to vote to extend unemployment benefits. Some Republicans and fiscally conservative Democrats said they would support an extension if it didn’t add to the country’s $13.8 trillion debt.


One Comment

  1. oldsaintd says:

    99 weeks of extensions? These ppl are either lazy or unemployable, stop the hand-outs and force them to work.

    1. nsp says:

      SHUT UP!!!! You have no clue on what you are talking about really! I mean people like you that make these comments. I pray that you NEVER get this kind of situtation. You act like they want to have handouts or be lazy or even unemployable!!!! Who wants to live off of unemployment knowing damn well that eventually the benefits will run out. Give me a break really, some of you people are so heartless, self-centered. Again, I pray that you will never be in this situation I guarantee you will be speaking another tune.

      1. oldsaintd says:

        No I would go GET A JOB!!! No matter how degrading. Unemployment benefits are necessary but 99 weeks is ridiculous, mow lawns, work as a bus boy, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Jack, etc… is always hiring. It may be a step down but 2+ years of unemployment is no longer unemployment it is welfare and that is a different program.

      2. tina sapp says:

        Yea shut up, mu freind was receiving unemployment, but that is over now. she has worked all her adult life. you dont know how stressful she is , so get off the people, she looks for a job everyday an she has her BACHELORS DEGREE, so step foo.

  2. oldsaintd says:

    Yes I’m sure it is hard to find a CEO job out there I,m sure she is qualified for but if she has been looking for 2+ years it is time to switch to welfare so we can keep legitimate numbers of who is getting handouts. Now YOU step foo!

  3. Duh says:

    This is what happens when 25 million illegal aliens invade a country. Its simple math. REMOVE those 25 million illegal aliens and you free up millions of jobs and spend billions and billions of dollars less on taxes.

  4. windell says:

    I did not know that some Americans are so stupid and cold hearted. I am sure there are some folks out there that is riding the system. But the republics are only out to line their only back pockets .I hope Obama stands firm and increase. taxes for the rich before the end of the year .

    1. Quit Whinning says:

      I can see why you don’t have a job.

  5. nsp says:

    Oldsaint you don’t know what you are remotely talking about! Until you walk in my shoes and many others then you will understand! And no job is beneath me but when you have companies that don’t want to hire you because you are overqualified, or that they are thinking you are byeing your time until something better comes along, or hire someone for less and they can try and pay for little of nothing. So please please until you know or understand what a person is going through shut up. Just thank God you wake up and not in any danger of losing your job. Be a blessing to those that are less fortunate and see how you would reap the rewards.

    1. Pam says:

      I agree with nsp. I have been unemployed for 2 yrs (full time). I have been working part time for 1 1/2 ys. That job has now dried up. They say McDonald’s, Walmart, etc are hiring. Well tell me this, why did I not get hired? Resumes to them and many more, and not even a “Dear John” letter giving me an excuse why they want hire me or they don’t need me. Now what do you suggest?

  6. oldsaintd says:

    WOW a lot of ppl on here telling me to shut up, seems that the unemployed are a little sensitive and sure have a lot of time on their hands for web surfing (time that may be better served LOOKING FOR A JOB!!!!). This is an opinion comment page, is it not?

    1. nsp says:

      SMH, some people don’t get it. Yes, it is a comment page but not to bash those that are really and truly crying. Obviously you have alot of free time on your hands as well. I will say a prayer for you.

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