Car Burglaries Drive Fort Worth Residents To Fight Back

By Melissa Newton, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH ( – A warning for people in one area of far east Fort Worth.

Some people who live on Boulder Park Drive, near Euless, reported numerous car break-ins over the last several days.

They’re upset and taking matters into their own hands.

Heath and Sonya Sellers woke up early Monday morning to find their neighbor’s belongings in their driveway, possibly left there by the same person who took several items from their car.

“Out of ours, he stole two leather jackets, 12 CDs and a radar detector,” Heath said, “and he was gone… Less than a minute.”

The crime was caught on the family’s surveillance system.

The Sellers family admitted their Jeep was likely unlocked, but said that doesn’t make it right to steal from them.

“It’s in our driveway, it’s our car in our driveway, he walked onto our property to do this.” Sonya said.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to the Sellerses, and they’re not the only victims.  Just one day earlier, crooks broke into their Jeep and another car just down the street.

“You feel very violated,” Heath said.  “I worked for that, she worked for that, we paid for it and somebody else goes Christmas shopping on our dime.”

The couple believes Fort Worth Police aren’t doing enough to stop the burglaries.

But the detective who’s investigating the case just received it Tuesday morning, said Fort Worth Police Sgt. Pedro Criado.

“This is an open investigation that is in its preliminary stages and will be investigated by an East Division detective,” Sgt. Criado said. “Please keep in mind that the holiday season is upon us and locking your car will help increase your odds of avoiding auto theft or burglary.”

Police also encourage people to remove all valuables from their cars before leaving them unattended.

The Sellerses are offering a $500 reward to anyone with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

“How dare you think you can come here do this and get away with it?” Sonya asked.

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One Comment

  1. robbed in plano/the colony says:

    I live in Plano/The Colony and had a similar theft occur to me last week. I was unloading my car in the parking garage of my building and my huge suitcase and Christmas tree were stolen! It happened in about 2 minutes. Local police created a report but detectives declined to investigate further.

  2. Tricia says:

    my son got his car stolen out of storage in Watauga- no-one was held accountable and the owners of the storage did not even discover it ubtil 10 days after the fact- my neighbor got his car stolen in north richland hills- seems to be a trend in the mid-cities

  3. Lucy says:

    Yes it happened to me also. This morning that I was going to take my daughters to school the door to my truck was open, which I could’ve sworn I locked, he or she took my purse which in it was my iPhone, Laptop, both of my iPods, and my coffee! When I saw it i guess they had just been there and the coffee they spilled was fresh. I immediately called the police and they sent over a detective, they said they would look into it. I asked the neighbor if he heards anything and his car was open but had/has nothing in it and I guess they got mad and kicked the car.

  4. Sonya says:

    I will gladly show the video to anyone that wants to see it. What they didn’t air on the news was that this happened at 5:39 am. I know that someone out there knows who this is. I even changed my facebook picture so it’s the guy breaking into my car. If anyone cares to see the video, please email me at

  5. BUD says:

    I live right around the block. I am off alot on weekdays, i will be potroling this area on my bike when i can. Hope to catch one of these punks. BEWARE PUNKS!

  6. Sonya Garibay Sellers says:

    Thanks Bud! I have posted flyers all over our neighborhood and also some in the apartments across the street. They also hit a house on Whitener St. We think that the SUV is a Honda Pilot…..but the rims are VERY distinct….they are custom rims. Feel free to pass this video along. I also have still pictures we were able to take from the video. Just email me at They won’t be able to hide forever! I have also changed my facebook photo to the picture of him on the flyers.

  7. Betsy says:

    They got us on Mon night / Tues morning. Got into both cars and rifled through the kids’ backpacks and stole a 10 year old’s purse. We were lucky they overlooked several things of value. I guess they were in a hurry to get to the neighbors. Ugh. Find something better to do with your life!

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