By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

HASLET (CBSDFW.COM) – On the road outside Chuck Jendel’s house things too often take a turn for the worse.
“I call it deadman’s curve,” says Jendel “I’ve had people go through my yard and through my driveway.”

Jendel has even put up a tree line, hoping to stop drivers who miss the curve in the 500 block of East Blue Mound Road in Haslet.  He says when he goes to sleep at night he prays that a car doesn’t come slamming through his bedroom wall.

He has witnessed many accidents.  “When I got to Tonyah Hartman she was already gone,” explains Jendel.

In December of 2009 Tonyah Hartman’s SUV went off the road and through the fence.  Investigators say the mother from Haslet died instantly.

And just last month a motorcyclist from Fort Worth slid cross the road and hit the metal guard rail.  He died days later at a nearby hospital.

“The road is not a safe road,” says Haslet Fire Chief Michael Thetford.

Even Chief Thetford fears for his firefighters rushing to an emergency.  “There’s not a lot of room to maneuver when we take our fire trucks there we got to go to oncoming traffic to get through the curve,” says Chief Thetford.

Tarrant County owns the stretch with the curve.  The county says they’ve done plenty to fix the problem.  They pointed to reflectors on the edge of the curve, a lowered speed limit and installing rumble strips that have worn down over time.

The county says the real problem is drivers speeding and in at least one case alcohol was involved.  But for those like Jendel not enough has been done to make the dangerous curve safer.  “It’s not if somebody dies here again, but when somebody dies here again,” says Jendel.

Both Jendel and Chief Thetford says one way to fix the problem would be to widen the curve.  Something else would include putting up flashers and better sign-age.

After CBS 11 News started asking questions, the county said they would send a crew out by the end of the week to look at replacing the rumble strips.