By Joel Thomas, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBS DFW.COM) – Dallas City Council members are reviewing a memo that outlines sweeping safety changes proposed for the Katy Trail.

People who use the popular jogging and bicycling trail say that any safety improvements are welcome. “There’s just a lot of people,” said Koy Nichols, whose business, CrossFit Uptown, faces the trail. “Bikers go pretty fast. It kind of creates some issues where you’re kind of watching and going ‘I hope someone doesn’t get hurt.'”

Just a few months ago, Lauren Huddleston was struck and killed by a bicyclist while jogging.

But it’s not just an issue of safety between riders and runners. It’s about road crossings too. “If you’re not a local, you don’t know to use caution,” said John Bond about drivers who do not know to yield for joggers and bicyclists crossing the road where the Katy Trail crosses Knox Street.

A Dallas City Council committee received a memo outlining suggested safety improvements. It calls for increasing police patrols to provide a ’round the clock police presence. Plans also call for more signs warning drivers of joggers and bike traffic. It would also place more locator signs on the trail, so trail users know exactly where they are at all times.

“On the people side, we really want to be sure that we add signage,” said councilwoman Delia Jasso. “If you’re on the trail at one point, you really need to know where you are so police can find you.”

“There’s a lot of issues signage won’t take care of and education probably will,” Bond said.

Which is why the Dallas Parks Department is preparing a public awareness campaign to be rolled out in the spring. A committee is being formed to study all of the proposals, including a possible radar-enforced bicycle speed limit.