DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Have you found yourself gripping the steering wheel tightly as you top a North Texas hill and see nothing but brake lights, while on the evening drive home?

That reaction and a number of other factors have resulted in a consumer expenditures report, released by Bundle, which lists Dallas as having the worst commute in the country.

Bundle not only took into account the cost of gas, but wear and tear on a vehicle, costs for repairs and the amount of time wasted sitting in traffic.

According to the study, Dallas has one of the nation’s longest average commutes. Rush hour commuters here rack up a combined total of 52,077,000 miles a day.

Rolling all those miles is apparently taking a toll on the vehicle and wallet of the driver. Dallas auto expenses, for things like toll fees, auto parts, tires, parking lot fees, garages and auto repair, averaged $400 a month. If you add in the cost of gas that number jumps to nearly $600 a month.

Drivers in Dallas also spent 53 hours each year wasting time in gridlock during peak commutes.

Of the 90 major metropolitan cities listed, Dallas came in last.  Some other Texas cities also fell into the “worst” category. Houston was just two spots behind Dallas at #88. Austin came in at #82 and San Antonio was #75.

As far as the worst offenders outside of Texas – San Jose, California, Miami, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona, and Los Angeles were all near the bottom.

When you start looking at the “best-of-the-best,” Eugene, Oregon came out on top. There drivers spend a mere 17 minutes a day commuting and spend just under #348 for car expenses.

A few Texas cities are near the top of the list for best commute. Brownsville, Laredo, and Beaumont came in at two, four and seven respectively.

Information for the study was gathered from the U.S. Census Bureau and Texas A & M University’s Texas Transportation Institute.

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