Gregg Henson for 105.3 The Fan

DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN)- Believe me, when Tashard Choice decided to get his gloves autographed by Michael Vick after Sunday’s 30-27 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, I wasn’t one of those up in arms.  Sure, it looked bad that he got caught on national television asking a “fierce rival” for his signature but really, who cares right?

The Head Coach and the General Manager care, that’s who.  We talked to Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones this week and it didn’t take a whole lot of translation to understand that they weren’t thrilled that Choice was caught seeking an autograph from Vick.  They aren’t willing to crucify the guy but their comments on the show this week certainly indicate that the problem will be addressed but not punished.

Take a listen to Cowboy Head Coach Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones with Jagger and Henson:

Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones

Jerry and Jason tried to deflect the criticism that Tashard took from the fans by saying he was a hard worker in practice, but they also didn’t mince words when they said they didn’t care for his actions with Vick.  As a Cowboy fan you can scream from the mountain top until the cows come home that it doesn’t matter, but the bottom line for Tashard Choice….do it in the hallway next time.