Drunken Driver Slams Into Garland Police Officer

GARLAND (CBSDFW.COM) – A Garland police officer was seriously injured after a suspected drunken driver slammed into him while he stood outside his patrol car on the shoulder of George Bush Turnpike early Sunday morning.

Officer Jason Voelz placed a female prisoner in the back seat of his squad car on the shoulder of George Bush at Holford Road when officials said John Christopher Murphy, 23, swerved off the freeway and into the shoulder, rear ending the squad car and launching Voelz into the air.

The five-year veteran was flown to Parkland Hospital with serious injuries. Doctors have since stabilized him, though police said he will have to undergo surgery to repair “several” broken bones.

Murphy and the suspect were taken to Baylor Hospital of Garland with non-life threatening injuries.

Murphy has been charged with two counts of Intoxication Assault and has a $20,000 bond in the Dallas County Jail.


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  1. Henry says:

    Sadly this has happened but they are not state troopers and have no business on a state highway patrolling. That is why we have highway patrol by the state!City officers have no training to deal with highway traffic and should not be allowed to patrol the highways. I hope the women in the back of the car sues Garland for all they are worth for the lack of training they have that caused her injuries. I hope the officer recovers.

    1. s says:

      Henry, why the hate? We still do not know the full story, maybe the motorist committed a violation not on the toll and the officer followed her to where she stopped (on George Bush). Maybe he was just on the highway itself, we do not know, according to this story. I really hope you read this message and think about what may have occurred before opening up a conversation you surely will lose. Don’t be so quick to comment on something you have no knowledge about. Thank you sir, and no offense meant just don’t speak without facts. And by the way the news don’t always mean they are factual.

    2. jbh says:

      LOL. What training exactly would he given to avoid being hit by a drunk driver? Wow you’re an idiot.

    3. robert says:

      Henry, your an IDIOT!!! a state trooper is no more qualified to patrol a highway then any other officer. and the officer in the accident wouldn’t have been on the SHOULDER of the highway, if he didn’t have to stop for the girl ( that you think should sue) that was out of her car throwing up, because she had been drunk driving as well! or maybe i’m a little bias since the officer in the accident happens to be my brother in-law.

    4. Michael Beck says:

      First off, no training can prepare you to get slammed into by a drunk driver on the side of the road. PERIOD.

      Second of all, in the police academy here, we go to the state patrol training facility and do all road training and EVOC training right along side the highway patrol / state troopers.

      So think again son.

      As for suing. Are you serious or just trying to be funny? There’s absolutely no way she can sue. She was breaking the law in numerous forms. And that law breaking is the DIRECT cause (not solo, but direct) of this entire incident. If anything they should be suing HER.

    5. US ARMY says:

      I can’t believe you would wish something so grim on the City and the PD there in Garland – those are good officers and Jason was doing his job.

      if the lady he had stopped had continued down the road and hit someone – would you think it was okay because Jason was waiting for a trooper to make the stop – NO!

      I have a ton of respect for our Troopers and they are very well trained – but Garland officers are more than prepaired to make that stop.

      Im kicking a dead horse here – but Henry – you loose

  2. c says:

    Garland routinely runs traffic on the Bush, even though the TXDPS are the ones who are suppost to be enforcing that roadway, by agreement with the NTTA.

  3. m says:

    Henry, I usually turn away from comments like yours but you have no idea what you are talking about! Texas State Troopers are not a higher ranking police entity than a municiple officer. All have the same training and the same license. Garland has a right to patroll any highway or free way. Look it up, Transportation coded 542.202. All traffic stops are taught the same in any academy, TCLEOSE demands it. You cant get a license with out their standards. Also, you can not predict a drunk or where the drunks vehicle will end up. This type of thing happens in parking lots.

  4. Jason says:

    I was at this scene it is bad. They were off the road and were on the shoulder. It’s pretty wide through there. If you ever think drunk driving does not affect anyone well this explains it all. I have some video I can put up of the accident but still debating it ( is a little graphic.) Garland Pd has rights by NTTA to patrol from about Campbell road on down east . Both sides. They have been doing this for years. If you notice you don’t see Richardson on it. Anyway the officer was just doing his job and this moron had no reason to be on that shoulder and slamming into the officer.

    Side note: This IDIOT comes running up to the scene about 5 min after the accident on his cell phone and telling officers thats my friend in that car, that is my friend in that car. Did he no notice that his friends car just slammed into the back of a police car. The police told him to get the hell out of there.

    1. robert troyer says:

      do you really have some footage? i would like to see it, if possible? the officer in the accident is my brother in-law

      1. ProudPoliceWife says:

        Robert if you happen to get the footage, can you let other family members know..Jason is my husbands cousin, we named our son after him so we should be easy to contact!! Though seeing Jason get thrown in the air as I heard happened may not be something we want to watch if it’s on there 😦

        Side note…What is wrong with this world that when a drunk driver hits a police officer doing HIS job, he is somehow at fault?? Really? If that was your brother, cousin, husband, whatever that this happened to you’d be wanting to crucify the one driving drunk!! The woman in the back had non serious injuries, Jason on the other hand had to have hours of emergency surgery to repair a shattered hip, staples in his skull, broken facial bones..the injuries are too numerous to remember them all!!

      2. Michael Beck says:

        I would like to see it

  5. Dawn Wright says:

    OHG Jason I am sooooooo sorry about this happening to you. You are a very dear friend to me and a wonderful officer. I am shocked and devastated that this happened. You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope everything turns out alright for sweetheart! Thank you for always being there for me and being one of the most outstanding officers Garland Police Department has ever had.

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