Man Crashes At Former President George W. Bush’s Home

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The U.S. Secret Service says a security incident at the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush was an accident and not a threat against Mr. Bush’s life.

At about 7:45 p.m., at least 13 Dallas Police Department squad cars were on scene for what was originally listed as an “executive threat.” Secret Service officials soon confirmed that Bush was never in harm’s way.

Officials said a man was driving a 1970’s Mercury Cougar erratically down the former president’s street in the Preston Hollow area of Dallas, and accidentally drove up onto the Bushes’ property. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said the driver was questioned but released after the single-car accident.

The car suffered major damage to the front end. A flat bed truck arrived at the scene to remove it from the scene. An ambulance was also called, but left the neighborhood empty.

Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush were at home at the time and are unharmed. In addition to DPD, Secret Service agents responded to the incident. K9 units were also called to the home.

Residents in the neighborhood said the suspect, who has not been identified, was visiting a friend nearby and that the incident was unintentional. Sources tell CBS 11 News the driver claims he crashed because his accelerator became stuck.

Secret Service officials say they do not perceive the incident as a threat to the former president and the driver will not be charged.

In a statement, Bush spokesman David Sherzer said, “President and Mrs. Bush are OK. They appreciate the work of the United States Secret Service and Dallas Police Department in responding to the incident.”

The Secret Service is continuing to investigate the incident.

  • Mateo

    No matter what you think of the former president, you have to hope our security forces, both local and national, will continue to work to keep situations like this from happening.

  • Bill Funderburk

    Note to Editors: do you not see anything wrong with usage of word “drove” in 3d paragraph???

    • A.G.

      I bet the original said, “and accidentally drove,” and then “appeared to have” was inserted by a copy editor correcting it..but making it gramatically incorrect.

  • Unknown

    Well, we will never hear of this numbskull again. Playing that rap music under GWB’s window. If that doesn’t get you sent out on a 2 am CIA flight, nothing will.

  • DD

    Gee whiz, why all the hoopla? Does not sound like the threat of the century.

  • Tom Modafferi

    It is about time we stop refering to him as President on the TV reports.

    • GDD

      A former President of the United States is still referred to as “President” and addressed as “Mr. President”.

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  • Mr Black

    I don’t get 13 DPD cars, secret service, police dogs, bomb squad and SWAT when people race down my street and play loud music. What, does he have his own police station on the block?

    • Da Brotha L.C.

      Let me guess you live in The Inner City

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    Suspect Detained Outside Former President George W. Bush’s Home…

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  • Perk

    Hey! She’s a nice lady! (had to get in a Hangover quote).

  • GWB

    So… did the guy get his coke from his former dealer?

    • Da Brotha L.C.


  • les

    why in the h### is this news !!! ?????????????

  • Da Brotha L.C.

    LOL Danm I don’t like what he did as president But I dont Hate a Man to wish him Harm

  • Joan Axel


    Sounds like a bunch of quotes CBS really likes. Note they had to add the extreme nasty one. Will see if this one gets in!

  • Omar abu musa

    wow!! this is >>> but not to punished the man unless he fine responsible!!!!

  • Jo Deanny

    LOL, should have at least thrown a shoe at him LOL

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  • Freebooter

    Those who protest the protection afforded to all former Presidents show their true colors in disrespect for authority in general. Many can barely read and write as seen in this blog.

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  • Beermatman

    Hope no one gets through to do Bush any harm; he should live out the rest of his days seeing the damage he’s done to a once great nation.

  • glenda

    I didn’t know Obama had a cougar.

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  • Peter Leclair

    Wow You must really think highly of this former Pres. Did he donate lots of money to the local Media that he took from IRAQ

  • bfsutton

    Are we sure the unknown driver was not George Bush?

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