By Melissa Newton & Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH ( – A 60-year-old Fort Worth woman who is struggling to raise her two grandchildren is praying for a Christmas miracle.

Thieves broke into the family’s home on Coleman Avenue Wednesday night and stole their Christmas presents and personal belongings.

“I’m on a fixed income, I’m raising two grandkids,” said Virginia Taylor.  She has had custody of her 17-year-old grandson since he was two, and her 11-year-old granddaughter since she was just three months old.

Both her son and her daughter were killed in violent crimes, leaving her as the sole provider for her two grandchildren.

“One of them don’t have a mother living, the other one, he don’t have a father,” she explained.

Taylor admits she doesn’t have much, but she has worked hard for what she does have.

“(If) you work, you can get what you want and you don’t have to take from nobody,” she said,

It is the same value she’s teaching her grandchildren.

The 17-year-old works at a shoe store so he can afford clothes for school, and a car.

“He’s been there two years and he goes to school,” she said proudly, “He’s a hard worker.  He’s not into no trouble or nothing.”

Someone broke into the family’s home Wednesday night while they were gone and stole almost all of their Christmas presents, their electronics, her grandson’s clothes and all his shoes.

“The gifts were open on the floor,” she said. “All the boxes are empty, every last one of them.”

Crimes like theft and burglary are more common this time of year, particularly in a down economy, according to police.

“You know, it just hurts when you see your kids like that, stuff is just gone,” Taylor said while crying. “Why target the kids presents and stuff, the ones that work? The ones that don’t want to work, why are you breaking into people’s houses and taking their stuff?”

Police believe the suspects broke in through a bedroom window by removing the air conditioning unit, and then left through the front door.

Empty hangers and more empty shoe boxes were found in the park across the street from the family’s home.

While they may not have much of a Christmas this year, Taylor said her hope is in Christ — something thieves can’t touch.

“You can’t give up,” she said, though discouraged, “You just got to look up to God.”

UPDATE: While CBS 11 News was at the family’s home Thursday night the doorbell rang.

When Taylor opened the door, her prayers were answered.  “Thank you so much!” said an over joyed Taylor.

Marta Gore with Texas Community Association Advocates and her daughter responded to Taylor’s story, saying it was the least they could do.

“I called the organization and said ‘hey guys we have someone in need and it touched my heart can we do something,’” explained Gore “I live in McKinney got everything drove over here no clue where I was going like you said there is a greater power.”

Texas Community Association Advocates is a non-profit protects the rights of property owners.  The organization spent about $300 to $400 on the Taylor family.

So Thursday, for the first time in about 24 hours, Taylor started to sing and pray.  “God works in a mysterious way!” she said.

Fort Worth Police say they are investigating, and at this point the suspects are still at large.

According to police crimes like theft and burglary are more common this time of year, particularly in a down economy.