Cowboys Give Cardinals A Gift For Christmas

GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) – Jay Feely’s 48-yard field goal barely cleared the crossbar with 10 seconds to go to thwart a big Dallas rally and give the Cardinals a 27-26 victory over the Cowboys on Saturday night.

Dallas (5-10) rallied from 18 points down to take a 26-24 lead when Stephen McGee, in his first NFL game, threw 45 yards to Miles Austin for a touchdown with 1:46 to play.

Arizona (5-10) was in deep trouble, but rookie John Skelton, on fourth-and-15 from the Cardinals 19, threw 26 yards to fellow rookie Max Komar, and the Cardinals slipped into Feely’s range. Feely, who had a 49-yarder earlier, has missed three kicks all season, including a 49-yard attempt Saturday night.

Dallas fell behind 14-0 when Kitna had interceptions returned for touchdowns on the Cowboys’ first two possessions.

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  • abel gonzalez

    the dallas cowboys really suck

  • PB

    Beahler must go!

  • Rodney

    This team is a disaster from the owner down to the water boy. Fire everyone and start with a bunch of high school drop outs and the dignity of the team would be restored. There is absolutely no reason to call attention to any play. Celebrations are for victors. Demonstrations are for loosers.

  • Joe

    Very funny!!! A ‘gift’ ?? Spoken like a true Cowboys press homer!!!

    The Cardinals beat the Cowboys, Period!
    Deal with it Texass!!!!

    • Dustin

      they barely beat the cowboys with the third string qb its not like they blew them away that game could have went either way im a cowboys fan but yeah they lost cuz a the team not playing together they need to get rid of some players thats not doin there part anymore and find someone that wants to play and not just draw a check.

  • JB

    Too much “celebration” (coaches & players) for anything & everything – – you’d think any successful effort was the final winning play in the SuperBowl ! !
    What lunacy – – can’t achieve any consistency and get regularly whipped at every position – by every team (& coach) in the league ! !
    Pathetic mental lapses – and paid for failure. Coaches & players –

  • http://1053thefan T- Bone

    Fire the kicker, now!

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    […] Cowboys Give Cardinals A Gift For Christmas GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) – Jay Feely’s 48-yard field goal barely cleared the crossbar with 10 seconds to go to thwart a big […] […]

  • Brent

    McGee shows promise with some seasoning. Kitna is just a disaster waiting to happen. Send him back to wherever he came from. Not that it matters, but until Jerry Jones realizes that he isn’t capable of being a general manager and hires someone capable to fill that role, the Cowboys are just another overpayed and overrated wannabe team.

  • Bonham

    Jones won’t leave get over it. He wants the dough not the trophy

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