No Records To Prove Pitbull Owner Served In Iraq

By Arezow Doost, CBS 11 News

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – When a Fort Worth judge ruled in November that Steven Woods’ pitbull was dangerous, Woods testified that he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after a tour in Iraq, and his dog helps him cope.

Shortly thereafter, news organizations caught wind of the veteran’s story. In order to keep Mimi the pitbull, Woods would have to pay for safeguards to prevent another attack. Woods, who claimed to live on a monthly $779 disability check, wasn’t able to cover the costs.

So North Texas animal lovers stepped forward, raising more than $17,000 for him to offset the costs. One problem: the Arkansas National Guard believes Woods may be a fraud.

“We have no documentation to indicate that this individual ever served overseas with the Arkansas National Guard,” said Capt. Chris Heathscott.

On Veteran’s Day, a two-day court battle ended with a judge labeling Mimi a “dangerous dog.”

The judge gave Woods 15 days to pay a $500 dangerous dog registration fee, the impounding fees of $12 a day for six weeks and the cost to neuter Mimi, plus build a six-foot fence and purchase a $100,000 liability insurance policy.

“I got bit on the arm and the hip,” said Linda Johnson. “I really got hurt and I don’t want no one else to get bit like me.”

Woods was a National Guard member who was honorably discharged. However, there are no records that show he ever served overseas in Iraq. Though in May of 2009, police records show he punched a Grand Prairie police officer in the mouth and remains on probation.

“I was in Iraq for approximately three-and-a-half months,” Woods said in an interview last week. “An IED went off. It was three-to-four trucks away from me. The explosion threw me from the truck.”

Woods’ lawyers took to the web after the November reports, to spread the word and raise money. They have since stopped representing him, convinced he never went to war.

The Metroplex Animal Coalition, which collected donations, has placed the money in a trust and offered to return the donations. “For us, it was always about saving the dog’s life,” said Jonnie England, a spokeswoman with the MAC. “We have no regrets about getting involved. We took the information we were given in good faith. We didn’t solicit donations, but did agree to collect them.”

CBS 11 News visited Woods’ house to find some answers, but no one answered the door. Woods has yet to return multiple phone calls requesting comment after an interview last week.

“To me, as a former soldier, that’s about as low as you can get to, me, myself,” Woods said last week, when confronted about what kind of person would fabricate a story about serving overseas.

It has not been determined if Woods faces any charges for lying to a judge about serving in Iraq. Click here if you donated to this fund and would like your money back.


One Comment

  1. Doug says:

    Maybe you should have investigated before you aired this the first time.Shame on you cbs 11.

  2. Dave says:

    WOW..If this is true I must say you are one poor excuse for a human being,to fabricate such a story..But I agree with Doug CBS should have done some homework before airing this.

  3. Jennifer Browning says:

    Honestly, I could care less if he served in the Military or was homeless or was a convicted felon…. I gave up on the human race long ago but the animals….. I helped because it was a dog that was about to be put down for no reason. I don’t believe the woman was attacked, Mimi probably jumped on her to say hello & her being elderly, broke the skin alot easier that if she were young. My dog does it to my neighbor all the time!!! The DOG is what mattered & is what the story was REALLY about!!!!

    1. jerret says:

      that is exactly what happened

  4. jeeriokid says:

    Does this mean they gonna cut off his veterans disability and his WIC card? that brotha gonna have to WORK? might as well put a gun in his hand and point out the victims, although I really believe he will find another way around the system. Never knew a liar or a cheat or an addict that wasn’t trying to figure out a way to scam the system, and should that fail, it becomes a hunt for victims. No racism here, this dirtbag has the company of every other race wanting something for nothing.

  5. Hemroidious says:

    Do I smell a crime here ?

  6. Angela Butler Nicholson says:

    The Dog at least needs a second chance… Seems like everyone and the NFL gave Vick a second chance.. Well every Dog needs a second chance too.. with the right Socializing and training the dog could be a great dog I’m sure..

  7. Gloria WADE says:


    I don’t care if the man was a veteran either. My concern is for the dog who always has to pay. I have been to many local bad dog hearings and found them to be very unfair to the dog.

  8. Hemroidious says:

    I smell Medicaid fraud or a scam here. Sounds like some one needs to do a little investigating here.

    1. Jennifer Browning says:

      What does Medacaid Fraud have to do with saving a dog’s life???? The original story was this man was trying to get his dog back from the city before they killed her!!!! He was not trying to collect for himself IT WAS FOR THE DOG!!!!!

      1. Hemroidious says:

        Jennifer, Medacaid is for DOGS!!! Medicaid is for humans. If THE DOG bit the woman’s finger off, Medicaid should cover it. If not, she can go to CANADA!!!
        and get it re-attached for free. Why do you want to kill the poor DOG!! GEEZ!!

      2. Jennifer Browning says:

        I guess you have to be on medIcaid to know how to spell it properly!! Sorry…

  9. Lynn says:

    First the victim was bitten on the finger, now it’s the arm and hip? Which is it? I don’t care if the guy’s a vet, either. He is apparently disabled, on a fixed income, and loves his dog. How does this excuse the city from going after this guy repeatedly?

    1. Jennifer Browning says:

      What is interesting is there are no marks to show that she was even bitten. I still have tiny scars where I was bitten by a rat dog 25 years ago!!!

      1. Hemroidious says:

        Was it a rat or a dog that bit you? It could have been the dreaded Rat Terrier. They are vicious dogs too. You should get Rabies shots and a Tags for yourself, well probably too late now.

  10. Hemroidious says:

    He will have to replace the finger at least.

  11. Phil says:

    If he’s on disability for PSTD, he’s being cheated or he is lying!
    I’m on non-combat disability and I’m getting close to $1,000 a month, plus free health care and meds when I need them.

    Check his DD-214 Discharge papers, that is where you’ll find the truth!

  12. Bob says:

    First, sterilize all Pitt Bulls and then sterilize all low-life people who would actually want to own one. Pitt Bulls are dangerous and should be banned.

    1. Hemroidious says:

      Sterilize Jennifer? But she’s so cute.

      1. Jennifer Browning says:

        Why yes, yes I am!! Unfortunately, I do not own a bully, although I would love to share my home with one. My 7 year old daughter loves them to, I guess she is a low life too then…..

        Oh & I already am sterilized!!! 😀

      2. Hemroidious says:

        I hope that Jennifer doesn’t bite anyone or me.

  13. Jennifer Browning says:

    Yea… pit bulls are really bad???? What a crock

  14. Jennifer Browning says:

    I mean really bad!!!

  15. Hemroidious says:

    He should give the dog to Michael Vick.

  16. Chris says:

    You guys realize that this was NOT THE FIRST TIME the dog has ever attacked anyone, don’t you?

    Woods was cited a number of times for letting his dogs run loose, a separate incident where the dog attacked another person, an incident where his dogs ran at police officers (who used pepper spray to chase them off) and an incident where he got into an argument with a neighbor who told him to contain his damn dogs after they were going after kids in the neighborhood.

    This is NOT a case of a dog who ONCE jumped up on someone and scratched them, but on dogs (several) who have done this time and time again, and their owner has been cited time and time again and obviously did not care enough about his dogs to contain them and keep them safe. He even lied to police and said he “sold them to someone in Arkansas” at one point when they came to his door about the dogs.

    I am absolutely against BSL or wrongly condemning dogs who have never done anything wrong before, but that is NOT the case with Steven Woods. Why anyone would give him their hard-earned money so he can continue being a very bad dog owner with no intent to improve just baffles me.

    As for Jennifer – if your dog jumps up on your neighbor all the time, that sounds like a training issue. I have a big dog (Belgian Malinois) and she does NOT jump up on the neighbors or frighten them. Why would that EVER be okay?

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