By Carol Cavazos, CBS 11 News

AZLE (CBSDFW.COM) – They say if you play a country music song backwards, you get your truck or your girl or your dog back again. But that’s just a saying.

Les Davidson is a country music singer from Azle. Someone stole his trailer with all his band equipment in it.  “I got my trailer back. It just didn’t have any equipment in it. It was empty,” Les said with a soft laugh.

2010 for Les had all the makings of a melancholy country song. He was in a head-on collision in May.  “They had to put some pins and screws in there and wire my kneecap back together,” Les said.

Visiting him in the hospital, his wife Tia felt sick and was admitted herself. Her abdomen ballooned with toxins. She went into a coma. Tia would need a liver AND kidney transplant.  But no hospital would do it.

“They said she wasn’t going to make it. They wanted me to get everything ready and get whatever clothes she wanted to be buried in,” Les said.

But he refused to accept it. He found a surgeon at Methodist Dallas who performed Tia’s life saving operation in October.

Tia is already driving herself to doctors’ appointments.

“When everyone else said I didn’t have a chance, they took a chance on me and saved my life,” Tia said.

Tia had once told Les she never wanted extraordinary measures to save her life.  Les had refused to accept that too.

“It’s because he wouldn’t give up on me and that gave me the strength to fight it and get through,” Tia said.

“I knew she had the fight in her and with everybody’s prayers she was gonna make it,” Les said.

Both are country music singers who hope to start their comeback in February. Tia is a singer in Les’ band. But she’s also the harmony in his life.

Tia said she hopes one day to meet her donor family to thank them for helping to
save her life.