By Bud Gillett, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Businesses in parts of Dallas are doing something this New Year’s Eve that was banned last year.  They’re cashing in by selling alcohol at a time when sales typically soar.

Dallas voters approved expanding alcohol sales last month throughout the city.  And it’s a boon for some who got their wine-and-beer licenses early in the process.

Herschel Andrews has the only game in his part of town this New Year’s Eve.  He bought a tobacco store years ago expecting the election, and was the very first owner to get Dallas’ new Beer-and-Wine license.

That was the Tuesday before Christmas.  The ringing heard this holiday is from his cash registers.   “It is a very, very good day; it’s ‘mad crazy.’”

Customers like Ricky Davis formerly had to cross the Trinity into South Dallas to purchase alcohol.  “I’m happy for it to be like this, you know?   Save my time not going over there (South Dallas) don’t have to catch two buses and a train—I’m satisfied with it.”

On the other side of Oak Cliff, the West Davis Shell got its license just Tuesday.   “It’s very good because people are excited; they’re waiting for long years to buy the beer,” says owner Tak Hossaen.

Tak has had a few critics, but his store is near a restaurant district where cocktails could already be served with Unicards.

Andrews is alone in a mixed-use district, legally distant from churches and schools but within view of a learning center.

Even some customers of other products in his convenience store don’t like the alcohol sales.  “To me it was better to have them go get it than to have it here ready and available,” says James Stroops.

Getting a license is no sure bet, even for big businesses.  Kroger led the wet-dry initiative and hoped to get their Northeast Dallas store at Northwest Highway and Plano Road licensed by New Year’s Eve, but couldn’t meet all the city requirements in time.