DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A guest of the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Dallas brought two bed bugs to the hotel today.  They were not part of an infestation, but rather a demonstration for the hotel industry.

At a luncheon for the Hotel Association of North Texas Brian Anderson, with Myers Pest and Termite Services educated industry insiders are bed bugs and how to get rid of them.  Myers has partnered with a company that trains scent dogs to alert on bed bugs.

“Eradication of bed bugs totally is probably not going to happen” says Anderson, whose company uses an application called “fire and ice” to get rid of them.

Pepe Peruyero says his scent dogs can inspect an entire hotel room and find a single bed bug within two minutes.

Anderson says bed bugs are an international problem and people react differently to the bites.  He says some people will develop a red welt and others will not realize they’ve been bitten.   He says each bite is a blood meal for the insect.

“There may have been many blood meals that have occurred in a hotel room that were never reported because the bed bug was not seen and no one reported it as any issue” says Anderson.

The experts say it’s extremely difficult, almost impossible, to find a bed bug egg.  An adult female can glue itself to luggage or a purse and that’s how they’re spread.