By Robbie Owens, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Tuesday morning commute should not be quite as bad as it was on Monday, now that there is no snow or rain falling from the sky. But with temperatures still below freezing, there could still be plenty of ice on the roads, leading to dangerous situations for North Texas drivers and pedestrians.

Temperatures were in the teens and 20s across the area early Tuesday morning – well below the freezing mark. That means any water outside – on neighborhood streets, on bridges and on sidewalks — had turned to ice. And, despite all of the winter weather warnings, many people forgot to turn off their sprinklers.

That was the case at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Dallas, where sprinklers ran overnight and led to ice on the lawn and surrounding fences.

If any of that sprinkler water – around schools, homes or businesses – reaches streets or sidewalks, it will create a slippery mess for commuters or anyone else trying to travel through the area. And as many North Texas drivers found out on Monday, it does not take much ice to create a traffic nightmare.

Although many local roads remained clear on Monday morning, a very slippery Woodall Rogers Freeway turned into a massive traffic jam. Woodall Rogers Freeway was running smoothly on Tuesday morning, but it only takes one vehicle hitting a small patch of ice to bring traffic to a standstill, wrecking your car and your commute.

The Texas Department of Transportation is hoping to prevent traffic headaches throughout the rest of this cold winter week. Sand trucks were moving through many areas again on Tuesday morning, and TxDOT supervisors have monitoring local roads to see where additional sand trucks may be needed.

Be careful out there, drivers!