Report: Women Should Be Allowed In Combat Units

WASHINGTON (AP) – A military advisory commission is recommending that the Pentagon do away with long-standing policies that ban women from serving in combat units.

Defense Department policy now prohibits women from being assigned to any unit smaller than a brigade whose primary mission is direct combat on the ground.

In reality though, thousands of women have been involved in the fight in Iraq and Afghanistan because they are allowed to serve in combat support roles, such as medic, logistics truck drivers and so on.

A special panel was set up by Congress two years ago to look at diversity issues and is meeting Friday to polish its final draft report. That report says there should be “a level playing field for all qualified service members” when it comes to military assignments.

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  1. rd says:

    Sure, they should be allowed. But they need to make sure it stays equal. That means no special privileges if they are mothers. I seem to remember one story where a woman went AWOL because she refused to report for duty because she had no one to keep her baby. I think the outcome was that no charges were filed against her. She knew when she joined the service that there was a possiblility of being deployed, she knew that when she chose to get pregnant and have a baby. She should have no more privileges just because she is the mother and not the father of this baby. A man would not have had this leniency given to him. By the way, I am a woman.

    1. Me says:

      What did you expect her to do, just leave the baby at home alone?

    2. Louise Bland says:

      Why? I think it’s stupid to think women are strong enough to deal with combat.
      They should be doing office work. They’re not strong enough to carry a brother who’s shot and wonded over their shoulder. Come on get off this stupid notion.

  2. rd says:

    She should have thought about that before she got pregnant or joined the service. She had plenty of time to find a caregiver before the baby was born. If someone in the real world told their boss they weren’t coming to work anymore because they didn’t have a babysitter, they wouldn’t have a job.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    If this were to happen it would cause more problems then it would ever be worth. Favoritism, sexual assaults, Pregnancy, hygiene problems with long missions ext…. All of these things have no place on the line. I do believe there are women out there that could do the job but its just not worth the troubles it will cause.

  4. Shaniqua says:

    Womens’ brains are smaller than mens anyways. No way they can handle combat. The only acceptable way for them to be in a combat zone is to be there to sexually satisfy the male combat troops.

  5. Courtney Williams says:

    OK. I usually don’t comment on these forums but being a military service veteran and a woman also, I would like to lend my opinion. I love all of our service women both currently serving and veterans. But there are things that NCO’s don’t see, that congress doesn’t see, that the President doesn’t see. There are a number of single and very promiscuous young women that have enlisted in the military. Some of which enlisted just based on the fact that there is such easy access to men with careers and stability. I have seen first hand in a support unit, female soldiers sneaking around with other soldiers that are married, dating their own first line supervisor/ NCO. I HONESTLY JUST FEEL THAT, THIS WILL LEAD TO MORE RAPE ALLEGATIONS, AND INCREASE IN SINGLE SOLDIER PREGNANCIES, AND A DISTRACTION FOR THE MALE SOLDIERS WHOSE PRIMARY MOS IS TO BE ON THE FRONT LINE AND IN THE DIRECT LINE OF FIRE. THIS WOULD BE A GREAT RISK TO TAKE AND I FEEL IT WOULD BE A HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!

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