Jane Slater, CBS 11

DALLAS (CBS 11) – At 7 lbs. 3 oz. Khloei Hayes has come a long way from the small, fragile girl CBS 11 first saw in November. At that time, Khloei was just 3 lbs.

The little girl was born in October, three months from her original due date. “We looked at cabbage patch clothes and those were too big,” said mother D.D. Hayes.

Hayes said it was a tough waiting game as doctors and nurses made sure Khloei learned to do the simplest tasks on her own. “She had to learn to suck, swallow and breathe,” said Hayes. But when we visited Hayes Saturday the hospital was finally discharging Khloei a day shy of her original due date.

Modern medicine and technology has helped the little girl get back on track and she is healthy.

This was Hayes’ fourth attempt to take her daughter home as ongoing health problems and an unsteady heart rate kept delaying the trip each time before they walked out the door. Hayes said was ecstatic that Khloei was finally ready to go but said she was nervous, too. “When we get home it’s just me and her. I don’t have that safety anymore,” said Hayes.

But she said she is up for the challenge knowing her daughter is healthy and happy.