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Homeless Man Trapped In Dallas Garbage Truck

By Robbie Owens, CBS 11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A homeless man became trapped in the back of a garbage truck early Monday morning after being tossed into the vehicle along with trash from a Dallas dumpster. The incident happened just after 4:00 a.m. near the intersection of St. Paul Street and Cadiz Street in downtown Dallas.

The man was apparently sleeping in the dumpster in order to escape cold temperatures, which were in the mid-40s early Monday morning.

The garbage truck driver heard the man screaming for help before the truck had compacted the trash. He then found witness Bill Thomas and the two men started the rescue efforts. “On my way back from getting coffee, I was at the light here and the driver was banging for me, yelling for me,” Thomas told CBS 11 News while still on the scene early Monday. “He say, ‘Hey, somebody in the back.'”

“I could hear the guy hollering for help,” Thomas recalled.

Thomas and the truck driver first tried to pull the guy out themselves, but he was buried too deeply under the trash. They could only see part of his head and his arm sticking out from the garbage pile. “It had been dumped on him. It hadn’t compacted yet. He said it hadn’t compacted,” Thomas said.

“The first thing was to try and help him,” Thomas told CBS 11 News. “That was my number one thing, to try to get in and help him. And I seen that we couldn’t do nothing, so I immediately dialed 911 and was trying to comfort him and let him know that help was on the way.”

Specialized urban search and rescue teams responded to the scene with ropes and ladders. The garbage truck’s load was eventually dumped into the street to help crews get the man out safely. He was then taken to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas with at least a broken hip.

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  • Jess Lindsey

    What a dumb azz. I thought Dallas Police were supposed to be out and about corraling up the homeless and taking them to shelters to get them out of the cold?

    • Judge Bill

      Why can’t they load all these homeless people on buses and send them to sunny California ?

      • MisterB

        they did that already, and they migrated to San Francisco.

    • schrodinger

      Jess– you mean a Dumpster doesn’t qualify as shelter?? It’s probably better shelter than some of the hotels my company has sent me to on business trips. The breakfast bar is probably better, too. Besides, he got a complimentary wake-up call and helpful staff.

      • Chris

        Against my better judgement, I’m going to have to say that was completely awesome.

      • jay lee

        lol fuccin classic. wake up cal hahahahaa

    • Jay L. Byrd

      They are, but the jail was already full.

  • schrodinger

    Now THERE’s a hell of a way to get healthcare! Before long, we’ll ALL be having to do that. Impeach Obama NOW!

  • Hemroidious

    How did they know that he was homeless? Maybe he just likes to sleep in a trash dumpster.

  • Hemroidious

    At first they thought the man was Wade Phillips.

  • A> E. Eiasten

    If the homeless people refuse to leave our area, can we ship them to Mexico ?

  • Clayton Clark

    At the end of the 4pm broadcast of this story, the female reporter states that the homeless man could have been crushed “along with the rest of the trash.” Really? Is someone trying to be clever? Or does someone need to take elementary English grammar? However stupid crawling into a dumpster and falling asleep may be, homeless people are not “trash.” Shame on you CBS11. Come on. REALLY?!

    • J. Banker

      Clayton Clark:

      My sentiments exactly. Someone needs to edit better.

  • Resurrection X

    Homeless or not, it was the right place for his situation but wrong time. Thank God he was compacted.

  • Hemroidious

    Oh my God!

  • Carolcecelia

    How clever you guys are – making fun of a sad situation. I am thankful for the people who rescued him and expressed normal feelings. This is not some sit-com, guys – it is a human being!!!!.

  • Freda Buttery

    Makes me wonder how many have been in trash dumpsters that weren’t heard?

  • A True Texan

    Well guys I kinda know this guy. We volunteer at a homeless church that has dedicated itself to feeding clothing and ministering to them (all donated no gvmnt $$). He always has a smile on his face and is pleasant w/everyone. Yes people are usually homeless from their own doing, but not for 1 second do they cease being human. Your comments above are usually out of ignorance, I used to be afraid of (them) and avoided (them) on the streets at all cost, wow has my life changed since working with them. May God bless you and change your hearts.

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  • Lianydritanty

    mit kerestem, koszonom

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