By Stephanie Lucero, CBS 11 News

LINGLEVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Jason and Debra Morris said they use their spare dollars to fix up their old house. It’s a race against time, however: The Erath County couple is hoping to regain custody of two young cousins, a two-year-old girl and her six-month-old sister.

The Morrises said Child Protective Services took them away because their old house is in need of many repairs. CPS would not comment on the case.

“It just seems like they were worried they would get hurt but we kept our other three kids safe all their lives,” Jason Morris said.

The Morris family has three children of their own. The two cousins were removed from the custody of their biological parents before moving in with the Morris family, but a spokesperson for CPS would not discuss either incident.

The Morrises lived in a three-bedroom rental house until last fall. They spent months looking for a bigger house that would accommodate the cousins and their own children.

They are buying a large, five-bedroom house in Lingleville. But the home was built in 1896. It was vacant for seven years and Mr. Morris recently broke his foot, so the repairs are taking longer than expected.

Mr. Morris established electricity in the house, but he admits it’s not up to code.

Volunteers have helped on the weekends, the family says there’s a lot of work to do, such as ductwork for the heating unit, wood for the exterior of the house and the kitchen needs new plumbing.

The family hasn’t seen the children since they were removed from the old house two weeks ago.

“Haven’t seen them. Haven’t gotten to talk to them. Don’t know if they’re sad or happy or nothing,” Debra Morris said. “I don’t consider them our cousins. I consider them my son and daughter.”

The Morrises said they are hoping CPS will supply them with a list of the mandatory repairs so they can concentrate on those first.

If you’d like to help the Morris family, contact Debra Morris at