GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – It looks like any spare room, in any North Texas home.  Phillip McNeal built the room 20 years ago for his son, but now the city of Grapevine wants to see some paperwork for it.

McNeal, along with several other residents in the Trailwood Mobile Park, are being asked to get their add-ons up to code, or they must remove them.

McNeal said he has a permit from 1992 but no proof of inspection.  “I don’t know whatever happened to it.” He also doesn’t have a permit for the porch he built a decade ago.

Grapevine received a complaint about one of the city’s mobile home properties, and as a matter of code checked on the others as well.

“Why are we waiting 27 years after the fact,” says Tim Guiton, who adds many of the mobile home owners have had these extra buildings and porches for decades.

Many of the residents are worried they may not have the money to tear down their add-on structures if they are forced to tear them down because they aren’t up to code.

Grapevine building official Scott Williams says they would work with residents to get their structures up to code, and that the city did not have any immediate plans to force residents to tear their add-ons down.

Trailwood Maintenance Manager Kevin Stacy says even if the residents get their permits and pass inspection, he was told by a city employee that all the structures would still have to go.  “They told me today that all the additions had to come down, no matter what,” says Stacy. “It’s bullying because they are trying to push these people around because they know they can’t defend themselves,”

If the residents can’t get their properties up to code they could face finds and possibly other legal action.  Residents at Trailwood says they can’t move to other parks in the area because their outdated homes would not be accepted.

A spokesperson for the city of Grapevine says they are simply making sure the homes are up to code. Right now, they say they are just in the fact finding stages.