Should Teachers Carry Guns On Campus?

By Selena Hernandez, CBS 11 News

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Some gun activists are pushing for teachers and school administrators to carry guns on school campuses. They took their opinions before school board members in Arlington on Thursday night.

The activists and concerned parents presented their reasons as to why licensed school officials should be able to carry concealed handguns, saying that it added a layer of safety to campuses. These teachers and school administrators, activists argued, could act as a first line of defense in the event of an emergency.

“In a time where there’s threats against schools,” parent Rodney Homeke told the Arlington school board on Thursday night, “it’s important to take care of our children. Not allowing guns provides an opportunity for schools to be a target.”

Activists stressed that only licensed school officials would be permitted to carry guns, and they would be required to keep up with the requirements for that license.

School board members opened the floor to the discussion, and listened to the arguments, but no decision was made on the issue.


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  1. OldSarge says:

    “Some gun activists are pushing for teachers and school administrators to carry guns on school campuses” is a little misleading. They are pushing for administrators and teachers to have the ability to carry firearms on school campuses. The suggestion is optional, not mandatory.

  2. Sidney Kahn says:

    I am a chl in Tx; school should be gun-free; buy more metal detectors

    1. Concealed Carry says:

      You are just a victem wiating to happen.

  3. Hemroidious says:

    No, let’s keep it the way it is now so that only the sicko’s and the deranged have gun’s.

  4. houston from houston says:

    When guns are “prohibited” on school campuses, the only people that will be carrying guns will be bad people with bad intentions. They don’t care about the rules or the law. And there will be noone to protect the law abiding citizens.

  5. RussP says:

    When fireamrs are prohibited from schools, hospitals or any other space, it only stops the law abiding, not the criminal intent on doing harm.

  6. Mike@ says:

    I am amazed that 34% of the people who have voted on this poll believe our children should be sheep waiting for the slaughter. Call 911…the police will be there just in time to count the bodies.

    Oh and more metal detectors? One at every entrance/exit of the school, and manned all during the day every day. Seeing that our school systems has such a surplus of money these days this sounds like an excellent idea.

    1. ChrisB says:

      When seconds count, the police are just minutes away….

      Note that in AZ, it was not the police that took down the deranged shooter…

  7. LJ says:

    The last thing we need in schools are more guns. I am a teacher in Texas and I can see no good from allowing teachers and principals to bring guns to school. First of all, only HIGHLY skilled police officers have the training to use a firearm in case of an incident at school. Imagine what might happen if a less than perfect marksman with a gun license opens fire in a crowded school. Second what about if a student attacks a teacher and gets the gun?

    1. Concealed Carry says:

      Just remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    2. Sonny says:

      LJ, you are teacher? No wonder kids in Texas are so stupid nowadays. Yo have no idea what you are talking about. I wrote a comment and mentioned you in it. I’m not a cop but can put a hole in someones head at 400 yards. Even with a hand gun I can shoot both of their eyes out at 50 yards!

    3. Mike@ says:

      LJ it seems you havent taken a CHL class, which is fine. In that class you learn to know what is in your background.

      Oh and your HIGHLY trained officer comment? Who trained them? You are assuming that 100% of police officers are properly trained, right?

      Nonetheless, sit in your classroom unarmed while the assailant takes his time picking kid after kid off. I pray to God this doesnt happen to you, but if it did I bet you’d change your mind.

    4. Bobbit says:

      That must be why your “Highly skilled police officers” routinely fire off their entire handgun clips at the drop of the hat! In fact that very practice is standard police instruction in a lot of academies today! Most police are no more proficient marksmen than anyone else who practices with their weapons. Recently police here in CO. fired in excess of twenty rounds in an apt. complex, many armed with high powered rifles, killing an unarmed robbery suspect. I don’t really care about him. My point is that many rounds fired by your “Highly skilled” officers came nowhere close to the suspect and entered adjacent apts. at high risk to innocent people.
      Police are also highly insulated from any kind punishment and or prosecution for any of their actions or inaction’s. I live in Denver and I remember the Columbine fiasco only to well. Perhaps you should also review the Virginia Tech. shootings also.
      Your view of the facts seems to be heavily influenced by your TV and movie habits. What you see on the screen is totally fictional. Go get a mental health evaluation the next time you think the Police and Lawyer dramas are how it must be in reality. Hey! It said it was based on a true story! This is what they would like you to believe really happens when it probably is more akin to “Jersey Shores”.
      If you object to a persons right to defend themselves then stay home and let the police protect you there.
      I hope they get there in time! For your sake.

      1. LJ says:

        So an armed teacher would be better and safer than a police officer?

    5. Richard Nascak says:

      Fact: 11% fo police shootings kill an innocent person — about 2% of shootings by citizens kill an innocent person.

      (Shall Issue: the new wave of concealed handgun permit laws, Clayton Cramer, David Kopel, Independence Institute Issue Paper, October 17, 1994.

  8. Elmer says:

    LJ – If you had diciplined them when they were younger, you would not have to worry about a student attack.

    1. LJ says:

      Elmer- I don’t have any children of my own. I teach High School history so I only get to teach children after somone else has mostly raised them (hopefully their parents). I have been attacked by students at school more than once. Their bad behavior is not my fault, just like it is not the police officers fault when someone in the community commits a crime.

  9. callen says:

    So. This is what America has come down to. We must arm our teachers to keep our kids safe at school. I have to ask Exactly WHAT are gun advocates doing to establish and reinforce rules on gun ownership by criminals and by the mentally insane? I am a gun owner myself, but I think we have gone way beyond where a free society needs to be on gun ownership rights. We need to rein it in. Otherwise there will just be more bloodshed.

    1. Conceal Carry says:

      “If guns commit crimes, mine are all disfunctional.” Ted Nuget

    2. RussP says:

      Gun advocates are supporting the legal, licensed, law abiding carrying of guns; unfortunately it has no affect on the criminals who don’t shop the local gun store. More laws won’t fix this, tougher enforcement and penalties for the laws we have now might help a little. That’s why many people choose to protect themselves.

  10. Hemroidious says:

    It’s harder to hit a target when it’s shooting back at you.

    1. LJ says:

      Thanks Hemroiious, thats exactly why we don’t need guns in school! If the principal is trying to shoot a shooter at school it sure is hard to hit a target that is firing at you. So where do those stray bullets go?

      1. RussP says:

        The majority of criminal shooters are not trained on their guns and spend no time practicing at the local range. Everyone who chooses to legally carry should be doing both to keep up their skill level and most do.

  11. carla says:


    1. Conceal Carry says:

      If you were a teacher, would you prefer to be dead along with however many others some nutjob shot, or would you want to pull out your own weapon and defend yourself and the others around you. I’ll take option #2.

    2. Sonny says:

      Then train them “if” they want to be trained. By the time the police get there people are already dead! If youa re in charge of 25 to 30 people you should be trained to help save them. they train for fire drills!

  12. angry mom says:

    Are you crazy? Every day, teachers beat students, lock them in closets, sexually abuse them, verbally abuse them, etc. And you all want to give them guns?? Fine, go ahead, let’s all carry concealed. After all, it is a fact that if you are one of the good guys, naturally you have lightning-fast reflexes that will be able to pull a gun and shoot a criminal dead before discharges the weapon that he has already pulled on you. If criminals know that we are all carrying, they wouldn’t think twice, they would just know to come at you from behind instead. We need real change in this society, not more guns. Jobs, healthcare, education, OPTIONS for our children; not more violence!!

    1. Concealed Carry says:

      Your rights to hide behind me when the shooting starts, have been revoked.

  13. Rich Miller says:

    Why not place real police officers in the schools? Shooting a human being (even in self defense) is not an easy thing to do. Think “buck fever” times 1000.

  14. MassiveQuantums says:

    I think guns are good.

  15. Sonny says:

    Teachers and administrators should carry guns in high crime area schools. If a punk kid comes in with a gun then blow his or her @ss away!! This way you save yourself or other kids. By the time the police get there it’s too late and people are already dead. Most of those kids end up as criminals anyways so if you blow them away now you’ll will prevent future crimes and save taxpayers money.
    @LJ, you are clueless when it comes to guns. The things you say don’t make sense. “ONLY highly skilled police have the training … ‘ and “its hard to shoot someone shooting at you” – those are the dumbest things I ever heard. When you buy a gun you take lessons. You learn how to shoot accurately. You don’t just point and shoot and hope you hit the person. DUH!!
    Plus if 3 or 4 teachers have guns then he can’t shoot at everyone at the same time. Plus if he’s shooting at you what makes you think he’s a good shot and will hit you? DUH!!
    There are too many “weak” people in society and they all think peace and love will save everyone. Get a freakin clue you dumb @sses. People need a “significant emotional event” to change their attitude.
    All you “weak” people that stopped parents from spanking and disciplining their children are the reason kids are the way they are today. If you discipline (not beat) your child then they will be fine and won’t shoot up the school.
    And jobs and other options isn’t the answer either. There are plenty of jobs but people are lazy and don’t want to work. That’s why they become criminals.
    When WEAK people or WEAK leaders are in charge everybody suffers because of their weakness!!!! If you are not strong enough to make a harsh decision then STOP VOTING and stay in your cozy little house and keep your mouth shut!!!!

    1. Tom says:

      Very well said. My wife and I are CWP holders and carry everywhere we go. If we are not allowed to carry somewhere we do not do business there. As for the schools, when we have to go there one waits in the car.

    2. Zech says:

      I have been out of work more than a year. I have a degree and very skilled at many things from construction to engineeering. You calling me lazy and not wanting to work makes you clueless.

    3. LJ says:

      Sonny I feel bad for you. I am not weak because I don’t want guns in school. You however are so scared that you are advocating shooting children. I wonder what “significant emotional event” made you so full of fear?

      As far as not knowing what I am talking about concerning guns, I know that you have to take only a 10 hour class and qualify on the range to get a CHL in Texas. I’m pretty certain that you do not have to qualify in a simulated crisis situation with potentially hundreds of screaming children running around and while someone is shooting at you. So if you know where that kind of training is offered…oh wait they do have that kind of training…its called basic training or police academy and it takes about 9 or 10 WEEKS not 10 hours. “DUH”

      I respect that you have a very different opinion than I do but, you are the one who is clueless as to what happens in schools today. And by the way this not Nazi Germany so I have right say what I want to, hold the opinions I want to and vote the way I want to and so do all other Americans regardless of whether you think they are weak or not. So go back to practicing to shoot children and we’ll see you at the polls!

      1. Richard Nascak says:

        Care to guess how many hours of that 9 or 10 weeks are on the range? Perhaps 10 hours?

      2. lphayscounty says:

        I don’t believe that Police Officers are aloud to bring guns to schools either. No one is allowed to bring concealed and carry weapons to schools. If they enter a school, they need to leave their gun behind. It is a naive assumption to assume police officers are above the law, especially when they enforce it.

    4. David says:

      Cursing and adding words such as ‘Duh’ etc., doesn’t make you sound any smarter. The point you have (or think you have) means just about nothing when you sound like an ignorant fool. This is coming from a bystander simply reading all of your comments.

  16. Spud 29 says:

    Typical of Texas thinking, and more so for those egotistical groups who have licenses to carry a concealed weapon. Most of them are redneck good ole boys with little brain power. I don’t think guns belong in school, no matter who is carrying one. You put ego behind a trigger and it’s bad for everyone.

    1. Richard Nascak says:

      Typical of anti-gun thinking. No real argument, resort to insults.

    2. ?? says:

      You’d be surprised at the amount and type of people that are concealing weapons in Texas. It’s ignorant to say that they’re mostly Rednecks. I don’t like guys myself, but I understand the thinking of people wanting to bear arms…to be able to protect themselves. If we could keep guns out of the hands of every bad person out there, then we would greatly reduce the need for guns…until then, a sort of necessary evil. Look into how many times somebody has saved themselves or others from being victims based on the fact that they were carrying a gun.

  17. ericC says:

    The teachers were hired to teach not shoot, if you want protection hire security or have police on site.

  18. L G says:

    I’m a public high school English teacher and can tell that alot of you are frustrated from all the violence that’s happened in the past few years, starting with the shootings at Columbine and culminating with the recent shootings/kids bringing guns to schools… BUT this knee jerk reaction is just a bad decision. As a teacher, my training is directly tied into educating my students not only in English, but also in character development, not shooting at people. I’m a black belt in two martial arts, and as such, I don’t feel that arming individuals who have had minimal training with weapons at schools is a good idea. What’s needed are more security guards/police officers who have actual training to take down/arrest anyone who breaks the law at school.

  19. goat210 says:

    Well im a senior in High School and to be honest I would feel way safer if some (not all) of my teachers and/ or admin’s had weapons on there person during school hours. you have to have a certain number of shooting hours along with your CHL and crisis training. Also police are allowed to bring weapons on school

  20. Cheese says:

    Alright, listen up ladies, I’ve read all the jabber here, and there are good points on both sides of the argument. Having been through two military Police Academies and served a tour as a military policeman, I know a little bit about the training policeman receive. Academies are not all the same, Instructors are not all the same. There is no universal course of instruction on marksmanship. Some police officers excel at shooting and some barley pass the course. Even good shooters miss when the pressure is on. There are thousands of police shooting investigations that show even veteran officers sometimes miss the first few rounds because of the stress of the situation. And then, a rookie will nail a perp with the first round. Some police departments require quarterly firearms training for proficiency while others only an annual requalification, it really depends on the department. So, highly trained, you would hope, but it’s not always the case. Forty hours of training is a pretty good course to start with, depending on the instructor of course. There can be a whole lot going through your mind as you are clearing leather, or your mind can go blank and the training kicks in! No two people are the same, and that goes for cops too.
    I’m also a father; my youngest son is now a freshman in high school.
    Bottom line, if some wacked individual starts shooting up my son’s school, I’d rather have a teacher with forty hours of weapons training, there with weapon drawn protecting my son, then one playing human shield, or worse! Teacher, principle, administrator, janitor, or a cop, a well trained weapon handler, is a well trained weapons handler! Until the professionals help arrive, I want guns in the schools, in the hands of well trained individuals, of course!

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