Motorcycle Driver Killed In Arlington Collision

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A motorcycle driver was killed Saturday evening after he collided with a car near the intersection of Bowen Road and Wesley Drive, authorities said.

The motorcycle driver – a man in his 20s – was driving north on Bowen when a car pulled into the intersection traveling eastbound. According to Arlington Police spokeswoman Tiara Richard, the car, which was driven by a woman in her 60s, hit the motorcycle in the intersection at about 5:45 p.m.

The motorcycle driver, who has not been identified, was declared dead on the scene. The driver of the car suffered no serious injuries and was not identified either. Police had not pressed charges Saturday night.

This was the second traffic-related death in Arlington in 2011.


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  1. Glen Mcbeth says:

    Unsafe at any speed.

  2. jerry says:

    Damn, peoploe at least learn to look with your eye and not your mind

  3. PK says:

    Just another reminder to folks that want to point a finger at the “crazy” bikers in our community need to remember that we don’t have to be “acting crazy” to be the victim. Godspeed to both families.

  4. Glen Mcbeth says:

    I had a motorcycle for years. Put a lot of miles on them. Abandoned as soon as I had a wife and kids.

  5. VABS says:

    the inordinate number of high speed traffic weavers give you a bad name, PK…this incident has only just occurred…you don’t even know all of the facts yet. If the driver is deemed at fault, this will still not be the norm. Each week here in metroplex we read of a motorcyclist dying on the road, the majority of which are a result of unsafe speeds and/or reckless driving. It is also true that a motorcycle is not as visible as an automobile, hence it behooves you riders to ride defensively in recognition of this fact. Or is that too difficult?

    1. Dangskippy says:

      Vabs, actually most Multi vehicle collisions involving motorcycles are the fault of the car driver. I believe the last NHTSA report showed somewhere near 70% the car driver was the at fault unit. If you have Ever ridden a motor you’d know the average rider is a very defensive rider. We can be defensive as possible, but the drivers must still OPEN there eyes and LOOK then LOOK again! You may not see us, because you don’t look.

  6. Glen Mcbeth says:

    But still, they have that choice. I support that, even if it is a stupid choice. Hate the nanny state.

    1. Jake Wilson says:

      Why is it “A stupid choice” some people choice to
      fly some choice to go snow skIing, NOT ME, but
      that is THEIR choice. So get off the bikers back,
      it sounds like he was NOT at fault!!!

      1. Glen Mcbeth says:

        Stupid in that they are undeniably dangerous.

  7. Rod says:

    VABS…….yes, the high speed traffic weavers give us a bad name. As far as visibility goes, I have 3 lights on the front of my bike, almost all newer bikes have 2. Most bikers with any sense know that we have to ride defensively if we are going to have a chance on the road. Driving 101 says that before you pull out into an intersection you need to be sure that there is no incoming traffic. Or is that too difficult?

  8. Debbie says:

    As we rode yesterday- I counted 1 out of every 3 cars with the driver either talking on the cell phone or TEXTING! Please leave the phones in your pocket/purse or get off the road to make the call/text. There also seems to be a problem alot of drivers with neck injuries as well, because they can’t turn and look over their shoulder before changing lanes. And yes there are stupid motorcyclist as well, but I bet you won’t see many that are texting/talking on their phones. Please if you are unsure of traffic laws, or forgotten basic safe driving skills, put your keys and cell phones down, find your old Drivers Ed book and read.

  9. Jackie Jones says:

    RIP to the rider & prayers to family and friends. Point fingers once all the friggin details are out. Have some respect or is that to much to ask since it was a rider killed??

  10. Hemroidious says:

    PK, Your right, you don’t have to be “acting crazy” to be the victim, but they are still the victim. Motorcycles should come with a warning sticker that reads ” This cycle is not safe on the street”. Sad that this Biker didn’t.

  11. Social Strain says:

    Perhaps more attention should be put, in standardized drivers education, on giving motorcycles more room than cars. Actually, given the fact that modern tools have co-opted hand-eye, and every other body-part-to-sensory-efficiency, teens should be trained to enforce more room to maneuver on the road. Education counters ignorance.

  12. m. mayfield says:

    R.I.P. BRO. 99%

  13. memetada says:

    Dont blame the driver. there waere three bikers on 820 ging toward Hurst Sunday afternoon doing all sorts of tricks and stopping and starting and breaking in front of traffic. Almost caused several accidents if the CAR drivers had not paid attention. They were pointing to the face that they did not have license plates and could do what they wanted. Choose your blame wisely JERRY they could have caused a lot of accidents.

  14. Jake Wilson says:

    Why isn’t the driver charged yet?
    When (if) a car pulls out of a side street into
    the path of a car or motor cycle on the main
    road, then the one pulling out is at fault!
    Unles it’s a cops wife driving that car.

  15. db says:

    I’ll admit there are a few stupid, unsafe, immature bikers out there on the road. They are a minority. The fact is most motorcycle accidents are caused by cars or trucks not yielding the right of way. Most of of us bikers ride safe and defensively all the time. Unfortunately we can be legally right and legally dead at the same time. Everybody needs to be more aware out there. Everybody be safe.

  16. Big Mike says:

    I always love headlines when they ALWAYS say the motorcycle hit a car as if it is the motorcyclist’s fault. As mentioned by someone else, people talk on their phones, text, and most of all do not pay attention. Have been all over the country, Canada, and Mexico, I believe riding in DFW is more dangerous than any place I have been including New York City!
    Sadly, there is a saying among riders, “There are those that have, and those that will”. Prayers to the rider and his family!

  17. shquetta says:

    i saw this happen and no the motorcycle driver was not speeding. i was just something that happened. he was just riding arouond that area all day long when that happen. i feel so sorry for both.

  18. Robert Fletcher says:

    This is not something that “just happened”, the motorcycle rider is not at fault for his choice of mode of transportation, this is a clear case of Failure To Yeild the right of way to another vehicle that resulted in DEATH and should be prosecuted that way. Had this woman run over a lady and her baby carriage public outcry would be for her head on a stake, but since it is a motorcyclist it is OK, well not with me I hope my fellow bikers call the DA for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law

  19. Glen Mcbeth says:

    if it is the other drivers fault, it is the other drivers fault. It should be prosecuted or not just like any other traffic accident that results in death.

    That being said, motorcycles are dangerous. Anyone who chooses to ride them is assuming some risk. Because of increased visibility, this accident may not have occurred if he had been driving a car, and if it had occurred, it would almost certainly have been non-fatal to him.

    And redoubtably, he knew that motorcycles are less visible and less collision resistant.

  20. Debbie says:

    This is a “stupid” comment. So everyone be sure you drive in a car everywhere you go- do not walk, ride a bicycle or a motorcycle- this is ridiculous. We all need to be responsible drivers- no matter what our choice of transportation. All motorized vehicles are dangerous and with the metroplex growing at a rapid pace- we especially need to pay attention and obey traffic laws.

  21. PK says:

    Glen, Would your comment be the same had this been a BICYCLE rather than a MOTORCYCLE that was hit?

    1. Glen Mcbeth says:

      Look at the stats from here:

      Per 1 million miles traveled, 0.2 Pedestrians die, 0.2 bicyclists die, 27.6 motorcyclists die, and 1.3 people in cars die.

      The fact is, walking and bicycling, although they have no protective barrier, are at low speeds and rarely in traffic. Motorcycles are frequently at high speeds and in traffic. Cars have bumpers and crush zones and airbags and seat belts.

      The stats say motorcycling is dangerous.

  22. mike eckmann says:

    75% of motorcycle accidents are caused by cars. I have seen more stupid and inconsiderate drivers in this state than motorcycle riders…..most of us (motorcyclists) drive defensivly, because we know what is out there. I am also sad for both parties ionvolved, being sure that neither wanted that to happen….

  23. wendi oliver says:

    My daughter sawll the whole thing happen she was the one who called 911. Its very sad for all parties involved. She has been having nightmares and the sound of a motorcycle seems to bother her. She says his bike rared up before impact such a sad situation for everyone my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  24. churchgirl says:

    Doesn’t mention where the driver was leaving a bar either.

  25. churchgirl says:

    Bottom line, biker had right of way.

    Also, to the comment of motorcycles are dangerous, and bikers have to assume risks….I’ve been on several rides, we have to be as defensive as heck because of the people in their cages yapping on cell phones

  26. Phil says:

    Get the Nannies off the road!

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