DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – It was announced today that a Super Bowl event originally planned to happen in Oak Cliff, and then abruptly moved to Lancaster, is back on in Oak Cliff – partially.

The main issue with the “Ultimate Super Bowl Weekend” seems to have been that tents set up outside Southwest Center Mall, to house the event, were erected over a gas line and there were fears anchor spikes driven into the parking lot would hit the line.

“There are safety requirements that require you be a certain distance from gas lines and we weren’t there,” explained event organizer Bruce Carter.

Organizers say they are re-configuring everything and plan on having the kid-friendly portions of the “Ultimate Super Bowl Weekend” inside Southwest Center Mall. The adult-oriented events will now be held at Bob Knight’s Fieldhouse in Duncanville.

While dealing with the venue issue, Carter says some of the celebrities booked for the “Ultimate Super Bowl Weekend” got phone calls saying the location is bad news.

“There were calls placed to entertainers and I have a group that had been working here for about three or four months on this project,” explained Carter. “And as they went out in the area to deal with people, people would say ‘You’re gonna be there? You know, that doesn’t make sense. We won’t come there.’”

Carter says he has also overcome the perception that the mall is in a high crime area.

Deputy Chief Vernon Hale with the Dallas Police Department says the perception of Southwest Center Mall no longer matches reality. “I can tell you for certain that the mall… crime from 2009 versus 2010 overall was down a total of 10-percent. For the month of December 2009 versus 2010, it was down 48-percent,” he said.

In speaking about holding the event in Oak Cliff and any safety concerns there, Carter said, “I’m here everyday. I office here and I’m putting a restaurant here. I serve kids here. So, it would be remiss to believe that I would invest in a community that I didn’t think had the greatest potential around.”

Singer Frankie Beverly, actresses Vivica Fox and Regina King are just some of the celebrities booked for the event.

Emily Trube reporting for 1080 KRLD